Paternity Test Costs and Fees in US Laboratories. DNA Analysis Genetic Genealogy

Jul 28 2009 @ 02:42pm
Por: Angel
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You can perfectly take a Home DNA Paternity Test for as little as $70 to $100. Laboratories Costs and Fees would depend in wich State you are.

DNA analysis is a common practice for defining paternity or maternity, predisposition to disease, embryonic health, criminal guilt or innocence, and so on. DNA analysis is used mostly for genealogical and biohistorical investigations.

A DNA Analysis (Paternity test) examines the nucleotides at determinated places on a individuals's DNA for genetic genealogy reasons. Results don't provide medical information related to genetic diseases but they provide valuable information about the family tree.

The DNA Test is made by taking a no-pain cheek-scraping or bucal swab at home and mailing the sample to a genetic genealogy lab for examination. A chewing gum would also work. The Human Origins Genotyping Laboratory at the University of Arizona offers to store DNA samples for ease of future testing. All US labs destroyes the DNA sample if requested by the client, making sure that a sample is not available for further analysis.

The most common tests are Y chromosome Y-DNA testing and mitochondrial DNA mtDNA testing.

The test results are compared to another relative's results to determine the time frame in which the two people shared a most recent common ancestor. If the two tests match on 37 markers, there is a 50% probability that the MRCA was fewer than 5 generations ago and a 90% probability that the MRCA was fewer than 17 generations ago.