Obama: Another Global Warming Fanatic In Office

Nov 08 2008 @ 09:25pm
Por: Felipe IV
Publicado en: English
Barack Obama and his team manipulated the death date of his grandmother, so it could fit his agenda previous to the elections day to stir the sheople. They even manipulated the fact he is black, when he really is a mulatto.

Irak butcher, psycopaths, corrupt, fagot and drug addict

- "Reverend Wright, Obama's pastor, he brays that black people shoudn't sing 'God Bless America", but "God Damns America".

- "Larry Sinclair denouces that had sex with cocaine in a limousine with Obama"

- "Donald Young, a well known gay, director of the choir at Trinity Church was assasinated after receiving Sinclair's informations".

- Obama manipulated local elections when he was a nobody in Chicago. He is not even american, he has forged his birth certificate.

- Al Gore and the democrat party are backed by druglords of Dominican Mafia, as declared by the former antinarcotics agent, Mike Ruppert.

- Obama said NO to Irak, but NOW invassion and murders seem to be cool to him.

And the Most Important...

- His party approved in 1999 the Financial Services Act that caused the current financial crack, that allowed to steal and speculate with no restrictions, with no regulations.

Sucking the toe to his masters: The Killer Jewish Lobby - AIPAC

"The goals of Israel are inviolable", has preached Obama. AIPAC is the jewish lobby that backs financially both to Democrats and Republicans, both parties are the same, it is just that Democrats are worst, because they are disguised as progressists. AIPAC is the owner of the world and the media.

Obama's Illuminati Logo

The Sun represents the Police State and the Red Bars, the leeches

The Red Bars of the USA and Obama represent the blood sucking of sheople: The Leeches

It is an ancient symbol used in barber shops, used since Medieval times, representing the leeches, is that blood that sucks from citizens. The symbols of Democrat party and Republican are an elephat and donkey, because, as stated by Jordan Maxwell, they represent cargo animals, they are no longer the ones who rule, they are just puppets. They alse represent the prison bars of the world in which the global elite has all of us as prisoners, for them we are less than humans and they think they do good by enslaving us.

The Most Precise and Pondered Meassure After Obama's Election

At the end this guy has it right. Get some guns and engage in shooting with these sheople that period after period they choose to the dumbest and corrupt so they can continue being stolen their freedom and worst than that thinking with joy that this crap is above all an historic change just because Obama is a black puppet.

Catastrophe, Cataclism and Iraq Butchery Continues with your Consent

American sheople deserve the catastrophe that is coming by having elected a sionist carbonic fundamentalist as a puppet president. The Capitalism crack that started when Clinton approved in 1999 the Financial Services Act that allowed the greed that ended with Capitalism.

It is catastrophic and lethal news for the world, being even much worst than Bush. The global elite opted for Obama, because they identified in him an ideal puppet to sell demagoguery and the winning of a poor black inmigrant, when he really is a multimillionaire paid by the AIPAC to continue with all these crimes and businesses of the disgusting global elite mafia. His boss is the psycopath murderer Brezecinsky involved in a thounsand cases of corruption.

While Capitalism is broke in free fall and Planet Earth is becoming colder, this new president will fill us with new global warming regulations, abusive taxes and apocalypthic terrors.

Bush, the other psycopath compared to Obama is an aosis of peace, a political genius and savior for human mankind.

We are just left to preach, tremble, suicide, jerk off or smashing against the wall for what is coming with this pseudo-democrat crap with a voice of loser parrot and charlatan of third division.