Obama's Homo-Sexual Scandals

Mar 02 2009 @ 05:59pm
Por: Daniel .
Publicado en: English
"President Barack Obama has been caught again in a gay sex and drugs scandal and his loving wife has her heart broken, according to many sources have informed the GLOBE in a worold exclusive. It reveals all the details of a letter that Michelle Obama received from a man that says is the lover of his husband and as the First Lady most humilliated of America is fighting so a new book with all these details never sees the light."

Latest cover from Globe Magazine, unfortunately the digital version is not available

To many people this news published this month by the Globe magazine could be something breakthrough and even surprising, but, back in March 2008 the news about the sexual and drugs scandals of the now Presidente of the United States, Barack Obama, saw the light, with the publishing of a book called "Barack Obama and Larry Sinclair, cocaine, drugs, lieas and murder".

Above the the cover of the scandal that appeared in the pages of the Globe in 2008, entitle, "Obama sexual scandal explodes"

Here below is the cover of the book and the picture of its author, Larry (Lawrence) Sinclair, whose appearance in 1999 when is seemed to go out with Obama, was very different

The links of the Globe magazine are not available, although you can check that they are recent.

If you search in Google "Obama Globe magazine sex" you will see how one of the first results of the search is that link to the magazine, of February 2009 (the date can bee seen along with the link) but it is not active, as neither it is the one published in 2008 about the same topic.

Link: http://www.globemagazine.com/story/310

Link: http://www.globemagazine.com/story/271

Here you can see another cover of a magazine, National Enquirer, entitle "Obama's Secrets".

Sinclair talked about all this in various videos uploade to Youtube, although most of them have been banned.

The video was posted in 2008 with the name "Obama's Limo Sex and Drug Party", and it was watched by more than 290,000 viewers. The man that talked on the video was the very Larry Sinclair, who assured to have had several intimate encounters with Barack Obama, in 1999 during which there was drugs and sex, once in a Limo and other in a hotel.

Sinclair has had many troubles for his book were distribued conveniently, but can be ordered from that page I have linked.

In February 2009, Sinclair demanded Senator Barack Obama, his chief of campaign, David Axelrod and DNC in the Federal Distict Court of Minnesota.

In his demand, Sinclair assures that Obama, Axelrod and the DNC "have conspired and continue conspiring against the civil rights of citizens in a very active way through the use of constant intimidation, alleging being on illegal research about the private life of people, to imped these accusations about the use of illegal drugs and the sexual activity of Senator Obama".

The hypocrisy and lie that surrounds this character called Barack Obama, who has been put to a level of a deity, compels anyone to do a research to undercover this man considered to be a dark, false and dangerous character who nowadays is nothing less than the President of the United States.

Unfortunately, and the worst about Obama and his gang is not this. The worst is his ideology, his falsehood, and his lack of scrupulous, his ambition and intentions, already revealed; while you and I read this, in the United States millions of children are being indoctrinated to BELEIVE in Barack Obama. Get a bag on hand whey you see this!, in case you feel like to vomit.

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