The American Dream: You Have To Be Slept To Believe It - George Carlin

Nov 12 2008 @ 12:58am
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The Owners of The World Know the Truth

It is Called The American Dream:


"They say we need more money for education, more books, more teachers, more classrooms, more schools. We need more exams for children... We have already tried all that and our children don't approve them..."

George Carlin, explains briefly but with great clarity why the education level and culture of our children is each time even lower. Why the intellectual level collapses like the stock market in its worst times?

George Carlin was a comedian, a counterculture hero - as he was named by some media outlets. A social renegade. Controversial and sarcastic. Without any hair on his tongue at the time of denouncing the current situation.

"A legacy for those people with the ability to laugh at himself, our society and the human degradation. Without any doubt an icon of comedy around the world", as some commentator said in a post published to honor him.

His humoristic speciality is about one specific issue: the human manknid is a cursed race and damned. "I have no beliefs nor loyalties. I don't believe in this country, I don't believe in religion neither in God, and I don't believe in all institutional ideas created by man", he stated in 2001 in one interview given to Reuters.

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