12 Reasons to Watch Carefully to Obama as President of the United States

The sionists and civilian militars control Obama’s overall war politics regarding the Middle East. There won’t be a chance for pease in Iran, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan or Irak. Wall Street controls Obama’s financial politics: There won’t be any space to some progressist from Cambridge to introduce an alms for the families losing their house.

Now that Barack Obama has won the presidency of the United States of America, it is imperative that all of us hold him accountable for any of the following political actions that he is verly likely to take that could be contrary to anything he has promissed during his campaign and that will put at risk even more our freedoms, prosperity and the need of unity this country needs.


Presidential elections in the United States, have once again, brought a test fire to the integrity and behaviour of intellectuals in the US. It is a duty and intellectual responsibility of the public to tell the truth to the power, the latest statements from most of our most reknowed scholars with more prestige have failed miserably. Instead of unfold, unmask and denounce the reactionary home and international policies of the Democrat Candidate, Senator Barack Obama, they have prererred to support him, “in a critical way, by offering excuses such as “limited differencies” could be taken as positive, and that “Obama is a minor evil” and “creates the possibility of a change”.


What makes this arguments unsustainable is the fact that public statements of Obama, his main advisors in politics and the ones which probably configures his policies from the presidential seat have outlined openly a foreign policy highly bellicose and a home policy deeply reactionary, totally in line with Paulson-Bush-Wall Street. In regard to the main topics about war, peace, financial crisis and the savagery exercised over the salaried class in the United States, Obama promisses to enlarge and intensify the policies most americans reject and repudiate.

12 Reasons to Reject Obama[/h3]

1.- Expansion of Militar Agression Abroad[/h3]

Obama promisses repeatedly and publicly intensify the US military intervention in Afghanistan, increasing the number of american soldiers, expanding their operations and participating in systematical transbordering attacks. In other words, Obama is a major bellicist worst than Bush.

2.- Pakistan under menace under the scam of “War on Terror”[/h3]

Obama has declared publicly that his regime will intensify the “war on terror” by the means of terrestrial and air attacks at large scale on Pakistan, thus involving all villages and cities considered favorable to afghan resistance.

3.- Obama opposes the withdrawal of american forces from Irak[/h3]

He prefers the reallocation from combat zones to places for training and logistics, depending on the capabilities of the iraqui army to defeat the armed resistance. Obama opposes to give a deadline for the withdrawal of american forces from Irak since they are essential to pursue his global policies in the Middle East which include military confrontations against Iran and Syria, and the south of Lebanon.

4.- Obama’s unconditional support to Pro-Israeli Lobby[/h3]

Obama has declare his full support to pro-Israeli lobby and bellicose, expansionist and colonialist policies from the Jewish State. He has promises to support israeli military attacks, no matter the cost for the USA. His despicable servility to Israel was more clearly during his speech at the Annual AIPAC meeting held in Washington this year. His main advisors, with significant and ancient ties to the highest hierarchies of the sionist factories of propaganda and with the presidents of the principal jewish-american organizations who wrote the speech and that make his policy for the Middle East.

5.- Obama’s threat to attack Iran[/h3]

In two occasions, just some weeks earlier to the election day, Joe Biden indicated with absolute clarity some “points of conflict” (Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia and North Korea), recalling that Obama will “respond with strength”. Obama’s High Ranked Advisors for the Middle East include well known sionists like Dennis Ross, very close to the “Center for Bipartisan Policy”, which published a report that outlines a detailed action progam for a war against Iran. The proposal from Obama to negotiate with Iran is nothing more than an excuse to give an ultimatum to Iran: The surrender of Iran’s sovereignty or a monumental military agression.

6.- Obama’s full support for the Total Expulsion of Palestinians from Cisjordania[/h3]

Besides the expansion of new settlements in Cisjordania, the main reason for the hostility there is in the Middle East, of war and the discredit of the american policy in that region. With dozens of people that set Israel as a priority between his main campaign managers, political advisors, speech writers and probably the candidates for a seat in the government, there is practically no hope to “influence from the inside” or to “apply popular pressure” with the end of changing the servility submission from Obama to the Sionist power. By supporting Obama, the “progressist intelectuals” are, in fact, allies from their sionist mentors

7.- Obama’s unquestioned support to Wall Street Bailout[/h3]

Regarding to his national policy, Obama’s key economic advisors have flawless credentials from Wall Street. He approved without questioning and immedeately the bailout, with taxpayer money, proposed by the US Treasure Secretary Paulson, for $700 billion to the wealthiest investment banks of the United States. Obama has not questioned nor Paulson neither the Banks for the use of these federal funds destined to bailout and adcquire other banks instead of issuing credits to manufacturers and families that have to pay for their house. Obama’s support to Paulson and to the Wall Street bailout are equal to his greedy proposals to suspend all the foreclosures during three months, pending for the renegotiation of interests. Obama proposes to intensify the goverment fund transfers to wrongly managed financial institutions and capitalist corporations in bankruptcy with the goal to save a failed capitalism instead of seek the instauration of new long term public investment programs at large scale that generate well paid jobs for the workers.

8.- His NO to Free market intervention in public assistance[/h3]

Obama’s economic team has openly embraced and practiced the “free market” ideology and opposed any importan injection of federal funds to the productive activity of public property and social services and thus face the failed private sector, corruption and general collapse.

9.- Obama’s embraces failed private health plans[/h3]

He supports the greedy insurance corporations, the conservative medical and hospital associations and the big pharma. He rejects publicly an universal national health program based on the successful federal program of Medicar to favor private sector plans oriented to maximum profits and subsidized by the government just to provide a inefficient, expensive and out of the reach of more than one third of american families.

10.- Obama’s defense of Big Farm companies[/h3]

Also he favors the highly subsidized and profitable ethanol manufacturers. This program has increased food prices to millions of americans and hundreds of millions of people around the world.

11.- Obama also favors the hegemonic might in Latin American affairs[/h3]

Obama supports the defense of the continuation of the criminal embargo to Cuba, the hostil confrontation with the populist President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, and against other reformers in Latin America, his tricky policy to promote protectionism for America and the free market access in Latin America. His most important advisors on Latin American affairs propose cosmetic changes in the style and diplomacy, but implacable support to the US hegemony.

12.- Obama has no plan to end recession[/h3]

He has not proposed any and nor his advisors of free market and his billionaire financial partisans any strategic comprehensive plan to get us out of a recession that deepens more and more. On the contrary, the series of fragmented meassures presented by Obama is inconsistent with reality: Fiscal austerity is incompatible with the creation of new jobs; the Wall Street bailout divert necessary funds for public productive investment; and the prosecution of new wars undermines domestic recovery.


Intellectuals, who, in the name of “realism”, support a politician that openly and publicly embraces new wars, millionaire bailouts with profit ends, health programs managed by the private sector, contradict his own demands as “responsible critics”.

They what C. Wright Mills called “Realistic Nuts” surrending their responsibility as critic intellectuals. When seeming to support the “minor evil”, they promote the “major evil”: The continuation, during four more years, of great recession, colonial wars and popular alienation.

Even more, they allies of the big media outlets, of the mighty political parties and the legal system that has marginalized when not even openly excluded their alternative candidates, Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney, who they do truly speak clearly and oppose war, bailouts and propose the real public investment at large scale in the domestic economy, a universal health care program backed by one only fund, sustainable economic policies that protect our environment and redistributive policies of incomes in the long run at large scale.

What is fool and unacceptable is the argument that these intellectuals (who represent an insignificant grain in the Democrat donkey ass) that their “critic support” of Obama’s political machine will open space where radica ideas fit. Sionists and civilian military control absoluterly the war policies of Barack Obama in the Middle East. There wil be no room for Peace in Iran, Palestine, Pakistan or Irak. Wall Street controls his financial policies: There will be no room for any progressist from Cambridge to introduce a alms for families loosing their home.

If the mutimillionaire association treasuries that have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in each presidential campaign have not gotten any progressist legislation in the last 50 years, isn’t that an illusion that our progressists “public intellectuals” imagine that they, in the splendid institutional isolation, can “exert pressure” on President Obama to dismiss to his advisors, supporters and the public deffense of the military intensification in favor of peace with Iran and the promotion of social justice to all our workers and unemployees?



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