12 Stretagic reasons that could end with Obama before getting to the White House

Without alteration to the electoral agenda, the campaign prediction was right: With war McCain would win, with financial crisis Obama won. Now another prediction is about to happen: Bush and the hawks have 77 days to build a “mine field” that explodes before he assumes the presidency of the United States and turn him in a weakened president and without any authority (a virtual coup before assuming).


There is a chart with 12 strategic conflict fronts whose activation is in Bush’s hands and the White House hawks. With this agenda, the electoral triumph of Obama is barely an anecdote.

Polls marked the results rythm: More than 70% of americans consider that “national security” of the USA and the “war on terror” as top priority issues against any other topic, and more than 66% considered McCain as the “most suitable” to lead a military conflict. But more then 70% favored Obama at the time of solving the financial crisis.


The result was sang: With war an terrorism McCain wins, with financial crisis and without terrorist-military conflict Obama wins (as it finally happened).

The firsts aware of this were the republican hawks that allowed – surprisin all experts – that Obama became the US Presdiente without activating any of the military conflicts already existing in Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Also, in any moment – and also to the surprise of many specialists – appeared the classic “terrorists threats” (in videos) of Bin Laden that where shown cyclically each time the Bush administration need to “legitimate” locally and internationally (wether for an internal election, or to arise the image or justify a military invasion).

Durign eight years of management, Bin Laden and Al-Qaida became almost a “State tool” for Bush and the neocon hawks that turned “terrorism” (an the “war on terror) in their main strategy for survival in power.

There are enough historical proves in this subject: the 9/11 events served as justification for the invassions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the 11-M attacks in Madrid prepared the reelection campaign for Bush and was the perfect excuse for the US to impose to the UN the thesis of “democratization” of Iraq by legitimizing the military occupation, the attacks in London and the sucessive waves of red alerts that helped Washington to institute “terrorism” as the main hypothesis of global conflict and impose to Europe its “counter-terrorism plans” now intitutionalized at global scale.

During the 2004 presidencial reelection, when Kerry ranked on top by a tiny difference in polls, a few days before elections, Bin Laden threatened again to attack the financial zone in New York and with a new wave of attacks in Europe. Bush was reelected.

Why Bin Laden and Al-Qaida were not present this time to save McCain and ensure the continuity of Republicans in White House?

There are 3 main reasons:

1.- Bush weakness[/h3]

He ends his period with the highest rate of dissapproval ever gotten by any US Presidente in all history

2.- The lost of influence of the USA as a capitalist power[/h3]

This influence could be won over with any military action during electoral campaign, but when Putin warned about the “electoral use” of the Caucasus conflict, the EU opened its position and negotiated with Russia marginalizing the US.

3.- Financial Crisis[/h3]

A military conflict, a terrorist attack or a scalation of threats could have made to explode world markets and sink the USA into a chaos.

In the very moment that Obama was consecrated as elected President of the USA, a new scenario opened to Bush and the White House hawks: From now on, everything that happens will start to become part of the legacy that the “black president” will receive.

From now on, Obama stopped to be the “candidate” to become the reference point of all the events (internal or external) that occur starring the USA as the Imperial power. Although “technicly” Bush is the current presidente, the eyes of the world are focused in Obama. All that happens from now on until the day he assumes the presidency in January will be incorporated in his presidential backpack as his inherited “load”.

And there is a key detail: We have two months before Obama assumes the presidency of the USA. Almost a quarter of a year (the current financial collapse was orchestrated in one month) with this crisis, with a recession process and with massive lay offs that are spreading throughout USA and Europe to all the world. And it will no longer be Bush the one who has to give the answers, but Obama.

And there is another key detail: In the following events before Obama assumes the presidency, will be Bush and the hawks the ones that take the strategic decissions in the conduction of the American Imperial State. Obama will be in the center of all strategic issues, but the one governing will be Bush.

For the experts: the last days of the Bush administration are the last days they have to conspire.

With a practical difference: Bush is no longer in the eye of the storm, the one who really is there is Obama. November 4th signaled the start of a new movie, with Obama starring and Bush deciding.

Obama’s Stalingrad


There were many analyst that talked about the theory of “coup d’Etat” in case Obama was elected president. This hypothesis is not enough, since for such action (in the middle of a financial crisis) would end to sink even more the deteriorated image of the USA in the global scene.

Since the past 2 weeks, and while Obama pulverized McCamin in polls, a new theory started to circulate in all politic, diplomatic and journalistic corridors in the USA about the “mine field” theory against Obama.

According to this hypothesis, Bush and the hawks, during the last days before Obama assumes the presidency, they will sow conflicts in Obama’s path, making the new president to arrive weakened and overwhelmed by a scalation of conflicts (currently latent) that will add to the financial crisis.

It is no longer a “coup d’Etat”, but a “Stalingrad Operation”: Center all international expectations in Obama, let him enter, and from there surround him with activating latent conflicts and forcing him to assume in the middle of a crisis with different epicenters. It like finish with Obama before he assumes.

During the last days missing to the new change of administration there is a board and scenario that can be played by Bush and the republican hawks to wear Obama and forcing hm to assume in the middle of a multiplied crisis.

The last days of the Bush Administration

The open conflict fronts that could explode or could be detonated by the Bush Administration before ending their mandate and Obama assumes the presidency, are the following:


1.- Attack to Iran by the USA or Israel (an already scheduled plan and manufactured in the Pentagon)

2.- A military conflict with Syria with the participation of Iraq (that would help as justification for a reaction from Iran and an attack from the USA to Iran)

3.- A military jewish-american attack to Lebanon and Gaza (the “military solution” requested by Israel before Bush administration ends)

4.- Military scalation with Russina and Venezuela in the Caribbean (the saga of the Caucasus conflict and Eastern Europe)

5.- A 9/11 terrorist attack against USA and/or Europe (Consolidation and aggiornamento of the “war on terror” led by the USA)

6 – Golpe de Estado en Pakistán, y extensión del conflicto de Afganistán (“Afganización” y ocupación militar de Pakistán).

7.- A military scalation in the Caucasus or in Eatern Europ (Using Ukraine and Poland as pretext of a new military conflict with Russia)

8.- Invassion and occupation of Turkey in iraki Kurdistan (that will produce a chain reaction from Irak to all Middle East)

9.- Nuclear conflict with North Korea (Pyongyang already kicked the ball of agreement with the USA and restarted their nuclear program activity by turning on their first reactor)


10- Recession with social upheaval in the USA (The foundations for this are in the massive lay offs that most banks and companies are doing).

11.- Recession with social explossion in the EU (by massive layoffs of workers which are alreayd verifyable in banks and all sorts of companies)

12.- Recessive collapse in China and the asian tigers (That will halt trade in more that 60% for all exportation-importations and making explode, in the first place, the US and EU economies altogether)


As a result of the latest elections in the US, Bush “withdraws from scene” and all starring and center of global attention is from now on towards the new elected president Barack Obama.

Bush will continue leading the USA, but anything that happens will be inherited to Obama.

It’s a quarter of a year now before Obama assumes the presidency where any of the latent conflicts listed above could explode and generate a chain reaction before and after that day in January.

It’s all about a “mine field”, where the power to create or neutralize the explosives are in hands of the current president Bush, with Obama as “star” and major heir of the coming disaster. Obama is already the new visible face in the White House, but Bush is who still has the power.

To destroy Obama before assuming the power, Bush administration and the sionist neocon hawks just have to choose the day and time to push the button for the “mine field”.

As signaled by many analysts reports, Cheney and Bush have firm commitments with military hawks in Tel Aviv who seek to end with Iran’s nuclear plan before they develop the bomb.

If Obama is the beloved son of the sionist (liberal) lobby of Wall Street; Israel and the sionist neocon lobby that currently controls the White House are afraid his “negotiator” posture distract the military operation against Iran empowering the islamic resistance throughout the Middle East.

In the last US-Israel summit held in Washington, according to the New York Times and other major media outlets in the US, they have already agreed military actions in the Middle East to destroy Iran’s ability to develop an atomic bomb, before the Bush administration leaves the White House.

Bush and the hawks have less than two months to build for Obama a “mine field” that explodes before he assumes the presidency and turn him into a weakened president without any authority (a virtual coup before he assumes).

There is a board with twelve strategic conflict froms whose activation button is in hands of Bush and the hawks in the White House.

This is the agenda and this is the scenario, the electoral triumph of Obama is barely an anecdote.



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