A minute of silence for my ex-best friend

Today, I missed a friend… It’s so hard when you love someone but this person seems to get the most profit of you… economically, emocionally, time, etc.
You think you are important to that person because this person is the most important person to you; but at the end, you realize that all your time, your love, your patience was a waste.
Today, I told my friend that i felt he was using me… everytime this person needs something I am there…
I said that I’ll always be there… and I keep my promise but lately, I’ve felt as if this person is asking for more favors and when i need a favor this person is never (or almost never) there for me.
This person knows that I do more. This person says that I give 101%. But isn’t it unfair? I mean, It is not that you are interested. It is that you want to feel important. We need people that love us. We can love many people( friends, family, co-workers,etc) but you always need (emotionally talking) to get something back. It is sick to be giving and not receiving anything. Your love needs to be nurtured by other people’s love.
Am I wrong?
Well, I just know that I feel bad. I always thought this person was my best friend. Definitely, I was wrong. Too sad! 8′(
God bless this person.
I really wanted to keep on being your best friend but I need real friends. I am so sorry. Got to go…leave you alone! I don’t want to but I can’t be here anymore… This is making me no good. Life is the pursuit of happiness and if I’m not happy, I have to keep on searching.
Love you, my friend and as I said…. Unfortunately, I’ll always be there. But now, I have to move on.
Take care
I hope life treats you well.
I wish you love, wisdom, peace.

Your ex-best friend.


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