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We are Angel and Juan Carlos, both brothers and entrepeneurs in the areas of tourism and real estate with vast experience and contacts alongside El Salvador and Central America. We are your local friends and facilitators to serve well to all of your needs and projects of investing in El Salvador. We conduct [url=http://www.trippingelsalvador.com/pages/real-estate-tours]Real Estate Tours in El Salvador and teach you all you need to know about low cost living and good value real estate in El Salvador.

This site is your resource for tripping and buying real estate in El Salvador, either for living or for investment purposes, here you will find complete information for making wise decissions.

Reasons to Buy Real Estate in El Salvador:

1. Free Market and Economy ([url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_El_Salvador]source)
2. Good Standard of Living
3. A honest society ([url=living-in-el-salvador]source)
4. A wide array of climates and scenery
5. A rich history and culture
6. A stable, democratic nation ([url=https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/es.html]CIA World Fact Book)
7. Great investment opportunities
8. Cheap Real Estate!

This site has been created to provide the expat community with information about moving and living in El Salvador, buying real estate and tourism in El Salvador.

We are glad to assist you in any enquiry regarding to our real estate tours, buying property and inmigration assistance for you and your loved ones.

[align=center][url=http://www.trippingelsalvador.com/pages/real-estate-tours]Click here and Join Us for a Real Estate Tour
to learn about
Low cost living and Good value real estate in El Salvador![/align]


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