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America’s Got Talent gave us the first “Results Show” that we love, but they have been kind to us as they announce the Top 10 and have kept it shorter than most of its kind does. Jerry Springer announced that the Top 10 will be set tonight and than ten acts will see their journey end this evening. Here at RTM, we have our favorites and it has been surprising how America has not really shocked us too much with who has been sent home. There is a lot to do in a short period of time, so lets get to it.

With the group stretched across the stage, the group cheered with Jerry, even though ten of the acts would be gone soon. Jerry chatted up the judges quickly and then got to it and saw the Tuesday performances recapped. Jerry called forth The Wright Kids and Zooperstars, sans their costumes for the first time, and we saw The Wright Kids, who rocked the place the other night, advance over the cartoon characters.

In a huge upset, one of the favorites of the judges between Neal E. Boyd and Queen Emily looked like they were being sent home, which had Sharon Osbourne’s jaw dropping in disbelief. OK…I was just fooling you because they did it to us to make us think it to be true. Jerry announced that the next act was “Both of them.”

Extreme Dance FX and the James Gang were then paraded to the front of the stage and Jerry announced that after America’s vote, they were both leaving the competition.

The next two acts to come forward were the drummers, Cadence and Frank Sinatra clone, Paul Salos, to see who would be advancing to the Top 10 and in a bit of a shocker, Paul Salos advanced over the drummers.

Jerry called Daniel Jens and Jessica Price forward to center stage with him and the judges were to decide which of the pair were to advance. David was first to decide and was shocked to go first. David said he respected them both but decided that Jessica should go forth. Sharon was next to decide and she, too, was complementary to both and picked Daniel, leaving Piers in the hot seat who decided that Jessica had the chops to continue on.

The second group of ten acts, who performed last night, were now on stage and Jerry called SickStep and Kaitlyn Maher to the front of the stage for the results. I gotta admit it was a weird site to see all of these boys standing overshadowing the tiny four-year-old, but in the end it was like David and Goliath as she slew the Hip-Hop lads in their tracks.

Another tough decision as Donald Braswell and The Tapping Dads faced off and America, who voted Donald Braswell back in the competition, continued their love for him and sent The Tapping Dads tapping off.

It seems it gets tougher and tougher as The Taubl family and Nuttin But Stringz were pulled forward to find out their fate next. With the obvious talent going to NBS as far as performances go, America indeed got it right and sent NBS into the Top 10.

Sarah Lenore and Eli Mattson strode to the front and knowing that there was already one blond singer too many in the competition and that the obvious talent of Eli was overwhelming, Eli was indeed America’s choice.

For the final decision, the Baton Twirling, Jonathan Burkin and the Elvis wanna-be, Joseph Hall’s fate was left in the hands of the judges with what had to be the most difficult decision yet. Piers started it off saying it was a difficult decision but decided to go with Joseph because he saw more potential in him. Sharon quickly evened the vote up by saying she wanted Jonathan, leaving The Hoff with the unenviable decision for the last spot. Jerry went to a commercial to give the two contestants time to sweat even more and when the commercials ended, David gave the last spot to…Joseph Hall.

So here they are, your top ten are The Wright Kids, Neal E. Boyd, Queen Emily, Paul Salos, Jessica Price, Kaitlyn Maher, Donald Braswell, Nuttin But Stringz, Eli Mattson and Joseph Hall. America does not have an enviable position but one thing is clear, these artist had better bring their “A-game” each and every week or their journey to the Top 10 will be a short one.

Next Wednesday we will have our first glimpse of what they will all bring to the AGT stage.


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