Blue Eyed Wonder!!!

Confused I wonder,
Why am I attracted to you?
Is it the way you talk,
The way you walk,
The way you look at me?
You’re a death-metal guy,
A blue eyed wonder.
Your messy hair,
And your stunning smile,
Why do they make me want you?
I want to kiss you,
I wan to touch you,
I want to make you mine.
I’m so confused,
Because I’m already in love,
And then you came along,
And lead me off the path,
Into a world of guesswork and disbelief.
I’m lost and alone,
I need you to save me.
No one else can do it,
My life is in your hands.
My friend suggested therapy,
I suggested your smile,
She was shocked,
So was I.
I don’t know where this’ll take me,
Nor do I want to know,
I just want to flirt,
And I’ll be content for now.
But soon you’ll have to save me,
From the path you’ve lead me on,
For I can’t stay on it forever,
I’m not the kind that stays the same.
You’re a blue eyed wonder,
A death-metal guy,
And only you can make my day.

Kerry Larsen


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