Bush detained in Camp David

Was it to incredible to believe what we said in our last post about [url=http://www.cherada.com/articulos/bush-and-his-family-detained-when-leaving-to-paraguay-3643]baby Bush and his family being detained by US Military Forces to prevent them to fly to Paraguay?


US Military Special Forces have detained Presidente Bush and his family and sent them to remain in Camp David when trying to escape to some land they purchased 2 years ago in Paraguay, where they would try to avoid a trial for Crimes Against Humanity which will begin as soon as he leaves the office. It seems, that an ex-CIA chief and current director of Defense Ministry, Robert Gates, leads this anti-coup (illuminati) operation, once he realized about the coup engineered by the sionists.

The information provided by secret services in Russian report that $163 billion of taxpayer dollars issued for the bailout to Rescue the Banks have gone to end in hands of the Bush “lobbyists”.

Well, [url=http://blogs.reuters.com/trail08/2008/10/29/bush-to-spend-last-campaign-weekend-at-camp-david/]this Reuters report confirms it, obviously not with the implications of our reports, remember: media blackout, but you can see where all it goes, ok!

George Bush is so disconnecte of the realm of things happening that he even doesnt know about [url=http://www.theage.com.au/national/rudd-blushes-at-account-of-bushs-g20-ignorance-20081029-5anj.html]What it is the G20?



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