Chavez without scales: from "terrorist" to "Anti-Semitic"

It is well established: The rating of “Anti-Semitic” generates more terror and mouths closed than “terrorist.” The political and social involvement with Israel and the Zionist system feeds from fear. And the controllers of the collective mind know it well


The theory (which changed the world order) post-9/11 faded and lost continuity with the removal Bush: The worst is not to being a “terrorist,” the worst thing is being an “anti-Semitic.”

The logic politically “correct” from the number one enemy of the capitalist system “civilized and democratic” in the seventies was the figure of “subversive red” emerging from the war on “atheist” communism from the Soviet Union.

The logic behind the attacks on U.S. of 9/11 moved to the figure of the “Islamic terrorist” emerging from the war on terrorism exported from Muslim roots of the “Axis of Evil.”

In the seventies the doctrinary management of combat was the “anti-subversive war”, and in 2000 the “war on terrorism” was the action pointed against the “new enemy” of Western civilization.


Chavez arrived in 98 and W Bush arrived in 2000: Both were the media central players of the “war on terrorism,” from opposing trenches.

The editorial of the Post created a new school: The whole of the European and American imperial press made common cause and flag with the editorial of the U.S. newspaper, to which was also joined by Spanish and Latin newspapers as El Pais and El Mundo in Spain, and the New Herald, a traditional bastion worm from Miami.

In short: Chávez graduated officially as the leader of anti-Semitism in Latin America.

Chavez was not Chavez, but the “great destabilizing terrorist” in the US backyard of Latin America, and Bush was not Bush but the “great anti-terrorist crusader” in the western capitalist world ordered from the White House, Pentagon and Wall Street.

When Chavez began to win elections, came the failed coup to overthrow him an to his image of “destabilizing terrorist” was added an additional category: Oil Dictator.

Summary: Chavez used terrorists tactics to destabilize with the oil power to impose a dictatorial hegemonic project of domination in Latin America. A thesis that enlightened editors of the best imperialist agencies, newspapers and television channels during more than five years.

Bush is gone, and Chavez has the latent possibility of being reelected indefinitely.

Bush is gone, Chavez is still in power, but something happened in the middle: Chavez is no longer the “destabilizing terrorist dictator,” is now “anti-semitic” added to the category of “Judeo-phobic” anti-Israel.

Now Chavez is no longer selling rifles to the FARC nor destabilizes the region with “terrorists” practices to accumulate power, he does something worse: attacking synagogues and encouraging anti-Jewish campaigns, according to Washington and Tel Aviv.

According to the State Department and The Washington Post, Chavez, after the departure of Bush uses the Jews as the “new enemy”. And his political modus operandi has shifted from the “terrorist conspiracy” to “anti-jewish conspiracy.”

And the worst: These operations are exercised as a strategy to retain power in the post-Bush era.

“There is an assault on the Jewish community in Venezuela, which seems to have replaced George W. Bush as his favorite contrast,” the Post pointed in an editorial.

“After the military offensive against the Gaza Strip last month, the leader expelled the ambassador and described the Israeli actions in Gaza as a genocide,” the newspaper said, adding that Chavez called for the Jewish community of his country to speak “against this barbarity”.

According to the Post, the media with ties to the government joined “quickly and in chorus” to an “anti-Semitic campaign.”

The US newspaper notes that an officialist television journalist criticized two student leaders of the opposition “for having Jewish names,” while a “Chavist website” (Aporrea) called to “face every Jew” found by Venezuelans and boycotting the commercial activity of this community.

The State Department, now in the hands of the “Democrat” Barack Obama, showed the “new line”: the U.S. criticized, in the Organization of American States (OAS), Venezuela for the attack on a synagogue in Caracas, noting that it is an “unfortunate warning of what can happen in a highly politicized environment in which they are allowed to ferment intolerance.”

“We remain concerned about any anti-Semitic activity in Venezuela or elsewhere in the world,” said deputy spokesman of the State Department, Robert Wood.

It was Bush, Obama came, and with the passing of the command for the “war on terrorism” (though current in all its lines as strategy of military control and conquest of the markets) has lost some gloss and spectacularity.

A new chapter of the Washington-Chavez war in Latin America?

Probably yes, but with one difference: This time the Venezuelan president is not facing “Mister Danger” Bush, but Obama, a computerized piece of the project of redefining the global Zionist power that has as tactical doorkeepers to Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel, front-line operators of the “Greater Israel” in the control of the White House.

In other words, Chavez, with his counter-informative dynamic denunciating the Palestinian Holocaust perpetrated by Israel, has closed a cycle and opened another front in the war extremely dangerous against Washington: Chavez does not fight against the imperial management of Bush, but against the Zionist lobby that deposited its continuation by other means in the figure of Obama.

But Obama is not Bush, and the Empire needs to stop the escalation and rejection of international criticism against Israel for the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza. And anti-Semitism emerged as the most functional stratgegy to criminalize criticism and protests against the Israeli military genocide in Gaza.

And the silence of governments, journalists and intellectuals of the system in front of the military extermination of civilians in Gaza, indicates that the word “anti-Semitism” produces as much or more fear than the word “terrorism.”

Which is something that tempts and seduces to the strategists of the political and social control to establish the “war on antisemitism” replacing the “war on terrorism.”

That is, a gradual shift away from explosive attacks by Al Qaeda for the attacks with anti-Jewish graffiti on synagogues as happened in Venezuela.

A thesis too conspiratorial?

Both in Venezuela (as well as Argentina) is being practiced. At full.

And it’s both: The adjective of “anti-Semite” generates more terror and mouths closed than “terrorist.”

The social and political complicity with Israel and the Zionist feeds from fear.

And the controllers of the collective mind know that very well, they are experts.



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