Clinton’s Finances, an obstacle for Obama to pick Hillary

Obama’s attorneys are investigating the ties of the ex-President with foreign governments.


Will Hillary Clinton be the Secretary of State of Barack Obama? Both democrats and republicans have strongly applauded this possibility. Although, there is a major obstacle: her own husband, ex-president Bill Clinton.

According to The New York Times, a team of Obama’s attorneys is investigating Bill Clinton and the relationship between his Foundation “Global Initiative” with foreign government and big pharma. It seems, Hillary is very interested for the position, but the fact that her husband had used the so-called “Clinton Initiative” not just to fight against AIDS and poverty in the world but also to receive exorbitant payments for his conferencies and to fundraise his Library in Little Rock could represent a conflict of interest.
Clinton is not forced to reveal who were the donors of almost $500 million he received. But during Hillary electoral campaign, the fact that he denied to do it caused lots of suspicions.

Being the first to reveal that Obama wanted Hillary to be his Secretary of State, Alan Greenspan’s wife and news host for MSNBC network, Andrea Mitchelle, said yesterday that the problema is not much about a financial one.

Mitchelle believes that the challenge for Obama is how to make compatible the position of State Secratary for Hillary with the international work her husband makes through his foundation. For instance, it could be possible the Clinton Foundation is working in a country that the United States has a conflicto with.


In fact, one of the main donors for the Foundation was Frank Giustra, a Canadian businessman specialized in mining. In September 2005, Giustra and Clinton shared a dinner with Kazakhstan president, Nusultan al Narzabayev. Clinton applauded his efforts to manage an international organization to monitor elections when the American diplomacy and her wife herself criticized human rights violations in that country.
Obama, however, wouldn’t have let to be said so insistently that Hillary will become his Secretary of State, if he doesn’t see the real possibility for this happening. None of his advisors called the press to stop the rumors. On the contrary. During a conference held in Kuwait this weekend Bill Clinton himself supported the idea. “If he decides to ask her it, I think she could be a great Secretary of State. She worked very hard for the election of Obama, so did I, and we are very pleased he had won”.

A lot has been said if Hillary will become part of the next team of officials along with other ex-officials of her husband, Obama’s government would be equal to the return of the Clinton’s to the White House. In reality, what is happening is just the opposite. With his arrival to the White House, Obama will put an end to the Clinton era. His government will have a different touch. He will include for his team some members of the republican party and will try to overcome the deep divisions between both parties originated during the “Sexgate”, the Bill Clinton affair with Monica Lewinsky that almost finished with his position as President of the United States.

Why Hillary would accept a position for the new government of Barack Obama? Given the hierarchy the Senate has, Hillary has many years before she could be able to become the leader of the democrats or even before she could chair a higher commission. Secretary of State is her best choice nowadays to keep on track.



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