Daily Bugle: A Hero has been Shot

Unidentified hero shot on steps of Federal Courthouse
By The Daily Bugle Staff

Breaking news: Few details are clear at this time, but the scene outside the Federal Courthouse in Manhattan is a portrait of chaos and confusion as a former superhero has been shot.

Gunfire erupted this morning after what could only be described as a whirlwind turn of events. Hundreds of New Yorkers swarmed the Federal Courthouse after word spread that an in-custody former superhero–a major player in the recent “Superhero Civil War”–was to be arraigned in New York instead of in front of a Military Tribunal.

As the crowd began swelling to unmanageable proportions, U.S. Marshals led the prisoner up the steps of the Courthouse. Moments later–before the unidentified prisoner reached the Courthouse doors–shots were reportedly fired, sending the crowd into a panic and dropping at least one person–the former hero.

At this time, rumors are circulating as to the identity of the victim, but The Daily Bugle can not confirm anything yet–including his or her condition. We will be updating this story with continued coverage throughout the day, so don’t go anywhere.

UPDATED: The identity of the victim has been confirmed as Captain America. See the Captain America assassinated story for all the details on marvelcomics.com


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