Hamas rejects the peace plan manipulated by U.S. and European Union to save Israel

Hamas and Palestinian resistance organizations on Tuesday broke a diplomatic operated by the U.S., EU and Arab allies of the Zionism in the UN aimed at establishing a truce favorable to the aims of Israel “victorious” retreat from the Strip Gaza, where its troops are already bogged down and suffering heavy casualties until now hidden by the Jewish military.


Below its diplomatic formality, the “peace plan” submitted by Egypt looks for Gaza the reinstatement of the agent of Israel, Abbas, the deployment of an international force requested by the Arab countries allied with the Zionist axis and a blockade of supplies to the resistance organization . In concrete terms, this is a project similar to the isolation of Hamas similar to that against Hezbollah in Lebanon to disguise the defeat of Israel in August 2006.

Ten of the Palestinian resistance groups based in Damascus, including Hamas, rejected the plan by France and Egypt (blessed by the U.S.) for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, where the dead on Thursday stood at 763 in a resurgence of ground fighting that began to force Israel to reveal with a “dropper” their systematically concealed figures of Israeli casualties since the start of ground operations.

In a statement, the Palestinian organizations say “they do not see in the Egyptian initiative a valid basis for any acceptable solution” and that the initiative only seeks “to help Israel to achieve the results that they have not been able to achieve so far”, and reject the proposed project which includes items considered risky for the Palestinian resistance and its future.

Egypt and France, with the express support of Washington, has submitted a plan for a “solution” to the crisis in Gaza which formally looks for a “truce” between Israel and the Palestinian organizations for a limited period and the opening of border posts in addition to holding an urgent meeting between the two parties and the relaunchment of the intepalestinian dialogue.

Since the Israeli extermination operation “Cast Lead” started last December 27, at least 763 Palestinians have died and 3,200 have been wounded in Gaza, said the head of emergency services in the Strip, Moawiya Hasanein.

According to the official, the counting of dead could rise in the coming hours, as 375 of the wounded are in critical condition and the Israeli army continued its bombardment by land, sea and air, which have turned the Strip into a Dantesque spectacle of demolished buildings, lack of water, light, food and medicines for the wounded.

During the day of Thursday, planes and land batteries continued demolishing buildings identified as “terrorist sanctuaries” and the UN decided to withdraw from Gaza because of the continuing attacks faced by officials, as well as hospitals and humanitarian convoys are blocked Jewish by troops at the border.

In this scenario, and after being evaluated, for Hamas and other organizations, the real objective of this peace plan is “to impose restrictions on the movement of the resistance by blocking it while Israel is given handsfree to go ahead with whatever they want”.

“The initiative could only help the enemy to achieve the results that have not been obtained so far,” says the text. Also, Palestinian groups have questioned the participation of other Arab countries in the plan, although not named any state in particular.

Hamas also rejected the deployment of international observers in Gaza and renewed calls on Israel to “stop the aggression, withdraw immediately, lift the blockade and open border crossings, especially Rafah, on the border between Gaza and Egypt”.

Besides Hamas, the communique was signed by the Islamic Jihad, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) and Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), among others.

The announcement was broadcasted after leaders of Hamas, Emad al-Alami and Mohamed Naser, returned to Damascus yesterday, after traveling to Cairo, where Egyptian authorities dealt with the initiative.

On Wednesday, and ratifying the nature of the Zionist project, the criminal psychopath, Ehud Olmert, said that the Israeli government was considering “positively” the initiative, but added that it was “soon” to discuss a truce in an attempt to disguise the urgent need for Israel to retreat from the Gaza trap.

Complicit in the operation, the Arab countries “partners”, led by Egypt and Jordan on Thursday called for a vote on a revised resolution that includes the deployment of an international force to prevent the smuggling of arms to Hamas, two of the key demands of Israel and the U.S.

The foreign ministers of several Arab nations “partners”, including Egypt and Saudi Arabia, attended the UN with the U.S. secretary of state Condoleezza Rice, French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and British Foreign Secretary David Miliband.

After several meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Security Council (controlled by the US-EU) is divided pressured by the Arab governments that (to defuse the protests of their peoples) demanded a legally binding resolution that demands the immediate end of the hostilities and the unconditional withdrawal of Israeli forces, while the “plan” at the UN is created.

Meanwhile the United States, Britain and France demanded a resolution that provides the permanence of Israel in the territory during the cease-fire until the implementation of a “lasting truce” which guarantees to open border crossings and prevent the smuggling of weapons Hamas.

In other words, what we anticipated here a diplomatic Plan B as a substitute for Plan A of military extermination that in thirteen days could not achieve its goal of ending the operational structure of Hamas and rocket launchers, ends being aborted by Hamas and the Palestinian organizations that did not accepted.

In this way, and until today, the Jewish troops continued their process of attrition in the Gaza cemetery which is already starting to become their own cemetery for the Jewish troops.


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