Hitler didn’t die in the bunker: confirmation of the satanic illuminati conspiracy and the Arizona Wilder case

World Exclusive!!

Interview with James W., portraitist of Illuminati Aristocrats

Nobody proved that the dead of the bunker was Hitler

He was a clone that didn’t look much like him. The legends of Hitler said he lived in South America or in a secret base in Antarctica, these theories are multiplying in the conspiranoia. Arizona Wilder said she met him as a child in sexual pedophiles Satanic rituals of the Illuminati. In fact, there is a book of Ladislao Szabo, published in 2005, entitled “Hitler did not die in the bunker: the best kept secret in contemporary history”, where it is demonstrated with ample evidence of this fact.


Look at the rounded nose of his clone and the sharpy one of Adolf Hitler

[align=center]He was very kind to children and liked to play with them and with the animals …[/align]

Another Picture with Hitler Dead: It doesn’t look much like him

Hitler was very smart, why was he going to kill himself, if he had infrastructure and means to escape and hide into a new life?

Occult Psycopathocracy:

Joseph Mengele, continued as a leader, after Nazism


Arizona Wilder said he knew him and that he was the person who controlled her through programs of mind control MK-ultra. So it is not uncommon that he has been associated with the operation Paperclip (former Nazi leaders who came to the U.S. Intelligence). Doctor and anthropologist, was a Catholic, well educated and with a great sense of humor. It killed and tortured pregnant women and babies, Gypsies and retardeds or mothers and sons together. Sometimes babies sunk into cold water to investigate the effects of hypothermia. Nor was dead in the 70s as they say, but in the 80s. This story shows that the Zionist history that we have of good and bad guys, Jews and Nazis is a big farce.

Another Illuminati psychopath, Marcel Songaomby (which seems to be the reincarnation of Mengele), is obsessed with torture and experiments on twins, such as Mengele. Remember that the psycopathocracy govern us, without being aware of that, you see only the effects of a world that is actually the butchery of the Illuminati. But the world is not so: it is a construciont and consequence of the psychopath reptiles who govern us.


Hillary Clinton is one of them is not a coincidence that she is responsible for foreign policy or Extermination policies of the USA. Is it normal that the wife of a former president, with no experience and Obama’s rival ended in that position?. No: it is that all this is a satanic plot of psychopathic murderers who occupy key positions in the Matrix. You do not see the luciferina background behind only see the murdered women in Juarez, Mexico and death and destruction everywhere.

Cathy O’Brien accuses Hillary Clinton of being the Highest Priest


Stop for a moment in look at closely to her disgusting face. She is a chameleonic reptile. A necromancer actress disguised as human. A histrionic. She is possesed by the forces of evil. Look at her faces and her gestures and her multifacetic story of her rise to power. There is something strange in it. The Kingdom of psychopaths is perpetuating with the charge of Secretary of the Butcher State of the collapsed United States of America (CUSA). Everything at the time of the apocalyptic final battle between good and evil, just when capitalism collapses.

They were nobodies who did a satanic pact…


This couple of hippies came to be masters of the world thanks to the Jewish Lobby. They are bastard descendants of Illuminati, nobody comes to power by chance in Matrix. Bill was officially fatherless. Remember the Lewinsky case: this guy was not there to govern, but to make orgies with public money (you can do it, but with your money), as the Lewinsky case is only the tip of the iceberg.

James W. is the name of another of our secret sources, which tells a new story about the amazing power of the Iluminati. He is a cosmopolitan and has also lived in Spain, in fact he is of Spanish origin.

He was one of the world’s most important portraitist of aristocrats and royal houses . It is brilliant in his art ethereal and precise, teacher and retailer large collector of the psychology of their customers. His brush is aristocratic, royal, imperial. He has class, aesthetic rigor and serenity of a classic Karl Theodor Dreyer and a Hammersoi, Danish painter of ethereal glass and one of the great influences of Dreyer.


The information we have from our informant about the Illuminati, which controls the world is inexhaustible and, again, unbelievable. He speaks five languages, Spanish, French, German, English and Italian and has traveled around the world. He is intuitive and has remote vision, which has made him perceive something more about his aristocrat customers. He is a quite and cult person, who exudes glamour, exquisite worldlogy and culture thru all his pores.

Draco, Nephilim and Reptiloids

He confirms what we all counted in the theories of science fiction from David Icke books, which increasingly seem to be less science fiction each day. He has met David Icke personally and some of his colleagues. The Illuminati, of course are in the black nobility, but also everywhere, they can be a university professors or taxi drivers.”

– There is something that I perceive from them. Not physically. I have a strange ability to enter their minds and receive images from the past or vibrations that are with them. It is curious that many of them take me to Sumer (the Nephilim, the Sumerian gods, leaders of humankind, coming from the twelfth planet called Nibiru or Marduk. How are they?.

(Sumer has always been a key center for the Illuminati and where the Nephilim are buried, hence the negative karma of that area. Sumer also has connection with Atlantis. The buildings of the CIA are zigurats or Sumerian buildings) On the other hand, Draconians, those who come from the planet Draco, as they are like reptiles, as described by David Icke.

You cannot peceive these things at first sight, you have to talk to them before and establish a communication and of course have to be psychic vision or remote vision. After many years of working with them and to capture the vibe of their castles and mansions, I stopped doing paintings for them, its vibration is heinous and negative. Some of them are part of families that control the world in the shadows and want to establish a New World Order to take over everything and to enslave humanity …

Following these strange words of James, I recalled the explanations that some day gave another one of my secret sources, Doc Horlock, an expert on great disappeared civilizations:

-Snake masters, Nephilim or Nagas, they saw that the reptiles were ideal animals to mix with the homo atlantis, aka us …. Then they began to experiment … to the first specimens were very reptilian, but after several tests the new specimens were very human with cold blood … but …

These reptilians were a good specimen to make them reign over others, especially in Egypt … a revolt by Hathors (Hathors are the goddesses who came from planet Venus, carrying a surrounded disc by two cow horns on their heads and have cow’s ears), deposed them from the throne …but the new pharaohs also took advantage of the situation …

During the medieval era, all these stories of dragons etc. .. are simply about Knights fighting with the remaining of these beings .. but some went underground .. After a while in the industrial era, they were not going to walk through the streets etc …. a lot of spiritists, clairvoyants or abuducted perceive them as being somehow underdimensionals or interdimensionals as satanic negative energies. But resurfaced during the beginning of last century …


and it’s no wonder today that they influence politics and religion again, as thing are going… as David Icke said. The reptilians used the ancient hieroglyphics that you see in the temples of Hathor, in Luxor, the Temple of Hatshepsut etc … is it not curious that they are used again?, in corporations? Movies etc? No chance! believe me …

Satanic Illuminati Waves in London

I look at him perplexed, recalling the words of another of my quoted secret sources, Dr Horlock, but James continued talking with total conviction and credibility. He speaks with a mixture of indignation and disappointment. His accent is undefined, sometimes seems a kind of Yankee German, showing his cosmopolitan life and his continuing travels around the world:

-I lived in London for many years when I had to leave that city. The illuminati negative vibration they send me was overwhelming. These are not my own imaginings. I do not know if they do it with machines or by magicians, but they emit a terrible psychic waves in order to cause chaos, confusion and mind control. It is about do impede our free thinking to be creative or relax. It is as if they were “frying our brains.”

But this does not happen only in London, now this happens in almost every city in the world. London is where they began. The ignorant citizens can not imagine how they are manipulated and the virtual reality they have created. Until the Depression they began to use it to gain control over the world and steal, but I know they have gone so far with its use and they no longer control this.

Iluminatis are dominated by the Black Magicians. I have no doubt of that. I’ve perceived when visiting their luxurious sanctuaries. There was no need they say anything to me, I pereceived things that were machined there. While working with them at times I had to spend days talking with them and always I got a certain complicity from them, and they told me things. They can be extremely kind, generous, very cult and refined.

After some time, I began to be afraid of some of them, because they knew that I know more than I should. From one day to another this complicity disappeared and the coldness restored. And I do not like this world. I had many opportunities to marry with aristocrat women. I did not. But you know I want a lot of discretion, for the moment …

The Story of the Sexual Slave, Arizona Wilder, Is Real

But the most unusual comes next. James says he met Arizona Wilder, one of the priestesses of the Illuminati, who says she was subjected to mind control programs to participate in killer ritual orgies with the Illuminati. David Icke introduced her to the world:

– I met an associate of David Icke in London who told me about Arizona Wilder. When I went to California for my job, I contacted a friend of mine who by chance knew Arizona Wilder. One day we talked about this subject, he told me: do you want to meet her?. I said, “Yeah, sure.”

So we agreed to meet at a restaurant near Los Angeles with my friend and that I met Arizona Wilder and also the one who deprogrammed her. I am talking about 1997 or 1998, I do not remember very well. Arizona also wanted to know me for my knowledge of the European aristocracy, to confirm details of the stories and nightmares that appeared in her mind: we must bear in mind that she was part of MK-Ultra mind control program since her childhood to make her a priestess to look after every sexual orgies and other clandestine meetings in different castles in Europe or the United States, as a programmed robot. The evening was impressive.


Everything she tells is real, but it is normal for women to feel frightened and confused, as some images and details are lost in her memory. She was a little sad, seemed to be 35 or 40 years old and was badly dressed, pale, with decayed teeth, and she told me that life was impossible, they gave her the minimum to survive and did not let her go to the dentist. Whoever trying to help her would be killed. She told me that a lawyer has offered to help her for free and was killed in front of her. She was shocked and sometimes she was crying during our long conversation that last about two hours.

They want she returns as priestess

Why are not Arizona Wilder and David Icke killed? – I asked him.

– They do not want that. They want her to be part of them again as a Priestess for satanic rituals, which also involved Hillary Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Guy de Rotschild, and many other famous politicians and bankers. But Arizona began to wake up and wants to get out of this insanity. If they want they can kill her, as they killed the lawyer who tried to help her (in front of her), but they do not want to do it for certain reasons only they know.

David Icke is not killed because doing that would confirm his allegations and give him total credibility. But I know that they are making life impossible to him, there are continually threatening him. In the internet media they do not act, because they can not, and because they want everyone to think that people like Arizona or Icke are crazy. Now they try to denounce him, saying that he is an impostor and there is a trial on the intellectual property of his books.

Arizona was very concerned about hes two children (son and daughter of about 11 and 14 years old), to who she said they had kidnapped and tortured, as they did with her in her childhood. Now she works in nursing … .. (we omit where for safety purposes). It was a very sad conversation, because that was not a movie, it was the truth, and that was a woman desperate and confused, she asked me details of the aristocracy to confirm the images she had in her mind.

She asked me for details on everything from castles, such as food prepared for the families of the Black Nobility, data from apparel, as how the servants were dressed, if they wore white gloves or not. I think that helped quite a lot to talk with me. Because she confirmed that everything was true.

[align=center]HITLER did NOT Died in the bunker. He PARTICIPATED in the rituals of the BLACK nobility AND he was grandson of the jewish Rothschilds in AUSTRIA. ARIZONA WILDER MET HITLER IN THE U.S. CLOSE TO SALT LAKE.[/align]

In the arms of the Führer with a bird leg

James pauses to drink a Scotch on the rocks. His gestures are slow and elegant. His eyebrows are blond and his eyes are blue. He looks like a noble aryan. Then he tells us something incredible that Arizona told him about Hitler and Mengele, the Angel of Death:

– Arizona told to me quite naturally how she met Hitler. It is not true that he died in the bunker that was a clone or double or whatever. He participated in the rituals of the Black Nobility and he was the grandson of the jewish Rothschilds. He continued alive and kicking and I think she told me he died in 1974 or 1976. It said that he teased with her and that he was a disgusting guy and grumpy.

She told me he liked to scare the children and he got a leg of a dead bird to tease her. There are other things in the sexual orgies that I know from my vision or remote intución, but at that meeting, she talked barely about it. But what by far caused her a lot of terror was Mengele.

Yes, Joseph Mengele, the notorious Nazi experimenter with children and with twins. She told me that she really was mentally controlled by Mengele and that she was only able somehow to escape from this nightmare, thanks to his death, she said he died in 1986, although officially he died in the 70s. She said that Mengele used programs of mind control and black magic to have her completely dominated.

Even today, with the Mengele dead, she lives in fear of him. There is a building in London from where they broadcast such negative vibrations that had been created by Mengele. It seems that this man was something more than what we have known and was one of the leaders of the Illuminati. Of course, the division between Jews and Nazis was a great cultural farce. My experiences with aristocrats Iluminati was impressive.

I met him once when I was young and I told them not to enter in the satanic underworld, then after all the years I saw him again and, without telling me anything I felt he was now one of them. .. But I think they evil world is coming to its end. This is not going to be more of it, because they have already reached the summit of degeneration. I feel the change. Sorry. There is a vibration in the earth that they can no longer endure. Yearning for freedom, change, freedom of thought and other things that come from the Heart of the Cosmos. Their end is close.

The mystery about the elusive Führer

Has anyone seen the corpse of Hitler live? … Or the corpses of the six million Jews?. It is a story told to us by the Jewish lobby and we all have to swallow it officially.

There is a book of Ladislao Szabo, published in 2005, entitled Hitler did not die in the bunker: the best kept secret in contemporary history, which proves this fact with countless evidence. As Sadam Hussein, Hitler was using doubles to elude and avoid his murder and he was a born conspirator. It is said that he fled in a submarine to Antarctica, in the Land of the Queen Maud, and military expeditions to this place have been mad by the U.S. navy… it would be for some reason … .. The photos show us that the Hitler killed does not look like the original and are contradictory to each other.

There are several research books and even a novel with this argument. It is said Hitler fled to Argentina and contemplated the sea every afternoon at the top of Santa Cruz Hill. Argentina was typical refuge of Nazi aided by the Vatican. Another expert on Hitler, Osvaldo Murray, argues that he lived in Chile.

Why would commit suicide if he knew he could run away and hide starting a new life?. In 1993 the KGB / FSB (Russian secret service) made public the files of the autopsy, according to which there was a consensus among the forensic experts. He was incinerated to not leave evidence of fraud. But since when the KGB is a source of truth or a scientific body?

Patrick Burnside argues that h escaped from Berlin in a jet and then embarked in Norway with his followers towards the Patagonian coast of Argentina, helped by the Admiral Canaris of the German Intelligence and Evita Peron. Several sources located him in Bariloche, Argentina.

Russian Colonel-General Alexander Gorbatov, who was the representative of Stalin in Berlin told Western journalists on July 30, 1945: “there is the slightest evidence of the death of Hitler and the most likely is that he has escaped Germany “.

Knowing that almost everything that tells us our Matrixculture is false, the mysterious death of Hitler and his relative seems another typical case of FAKEMEDIA.

And this is not all that James W. told us, the most serious charges were omitted because either we or those who govern us should be in jail.



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