How the media and the big networks conceal Israel’s responsibility in the slaughter in Gaza

In this report, we describe how the major international chains and local media do “disappear” Israel’s responsibility in the military extermination in Gaza, using techniques of manipulation of language (the title) and “concealment” of victims and scene of destruction (the images).


From now on you are going to watch, read or hear the news about Gaza with another “perspective” of analysis. And you will understand why the Israeli slaughter in Gaza, the most unique and unpunished military genocide of the entire modern history, is not considered a “universal tragedy of all humanity”.

The manipulative language[/h3]

After more than 15 days of Israeli military extermination, and when the dead Palestinians are more than 910l, 3800 injured, including 270 children killed and another 1,100 injured, the “news” strategy of major international media networks controlled by Zionist capital is focused on one goal : Demonstrate that in Gaza there is not a Israeli military slaughter, but a “conflict” between Israel and Hamas.

There is a main category and a common approach to guide the objectives of media manipulation with the Israeli massacre of Palestinians in Gaza:

Demonstrate that there is not a military slaughter committed by Israel, but a “war” between Hamas and Israel in the same capacity level of destruction and fire power, although one is an urban guerrilla organization and the other is a military superpower with nuclear power.

This in turn refers to a second reading:

In Gaza there is a systematic military extermination by air, sea and land, a military from a superpower against a defenseless people, but a war between “equal”.

They equate Israel and Hamas in the same capacity for military destruction and failed to mention who is the attacker (the invader) and who is the attacked (the invaded).

Which creates a third category of reading:

In Gaza, both Israel and Hamas, are guilty of violence and death. Both Israel and Hamas killed and equally under the same conditions.

Omitted (hidden) in the first place is the evaluation and discrimination of the official figures of deaths caused by Israel, under the generic classification of deaths caused by the conflict in Gaza.

In more than 15 days of attacks by sea, by air and land, Israel killed over 900 Palestinians, wounded or maimed over 3,800, 80% civilians, including 270 children killed and another 1,100 wounded, according to the latest official count.

When spreading the information about the total dead count is not clarified (hidden) that Israel not only with their bombings killed and wounded thousands of civilians but also bombarded the infrastructure and destroyed thousands of homes in Gaza, also creating with the blockade a situation of humanitarian catastrophe involving a million and half people.

It is not clear that Hamas, with its attacks on the invading troops and the firing or homecrafted rockets, in proportion only killed 5 Israeli civilians and 8 Israeli soldiers, with no children among the victims, and without destruction of the Jewish cities and their infrastructure.


And it does not differentiate between attacker and attacked, and the non-discrimination of the causes of this destruction (how much, how and why each side kills) which leads to a fourth category for reading this situation:

We must not stop the slaughter of Israel in Gaza, but we have to stop the process of violence in Gaza “created by Israel and Hamas.

This manipulated concept (”violence from both sides”) is used both by the United States, the European Union or its “Arab” allies to propose a cease-fire covering the status of invader and the military responsibility of the Israeli military for the slaughter.

The rise of Manipulation


The four categories listed (simultaneous and interactive), lead to a conclusion:

In Gaza there is no military slaughter and economic genocide (by blocking) perpetrated by the State of Israel, but a “process of irrational violence” involving both Israel and Hamas, with responsibility shared by both parties.

In summary, the manipulation with the language of “information” generated a result:

A) The disappearance of the role of attacker and invasive power of Israel in Gaza (which would relieve the Jewish state to be charged and convicted for crimes against humanity).

B) The disappearance of the overwhelming superiority of its military power with respect to Hamas (which makes it possible to qualify as a “war” when it is clearly this is an unilateral military slaughter).

C) The disappearance of accountability and responsibility of Israel in the mass killing of civilians, the physical destruction of Gaza and the condemnation deserved for causing hunger and a desperate humanitarian crisis by the blockade.

Let us illustrate these three levels with a title last Thursday on CNN (the flagship chain that leads the manipulation in the world “):” Israel disobeyed the UN, and continues its war with Hamas. The dead amount to 773. ”

In summary, the now more than 910 Palestinians killed (80% civilians) were NOT produced during more than sixteen consecutive days of indiscriminate Jewish bombing by air, by sea and by land over Gaza and its people, but by the “war” between Israel and Hamas.

Titles in this light, are reproduced daily by millions and the rest of other international media channels (TV and written), which in turn are “copied” by the local media channels around the world, becoming ” repeaters” of the Zionists information centers.

Accordingly, and as an “end product”, which is handled in the brain of the viewer or reader massively manipulated (integrated) to be “informed” by the Zionist newspapers and TV system is:

”In Gaza there is a war. And during a war there are killings and people death, on both sides.”

In this way, the big media networks and their local “repeaters” worldwide converted the military extermination of Israel in Gaza (a genocide with impunity and with their faces uncovered, unprecedented in human history), in a “bureaucracy” press release that is repeated in a title, a text of 20 words, and without analysis or comment, every thirty minutes, and mixed with the “outstanding” daily entertainment, sports and life idols.

Concealment techniques


A) What is a “special coverage”

When an event happens with tragic mass killing of people, major international media networks launch what is called a “special coverage of the event.

These “informational” processes start happening when “terrorist acts”, natural disasters, accidents or events involve any act of killing and / or mass dead of people.

B) How to instrument a “special coverage”

Take for example the CNN:

CNN launches a title, “catastrophe” for example: “Terrorist attack in London. There are hundreds of dead and wounded.”

The title is accompanied by a wheel flashing on the screen with the word URGENT!, and repeated “presentations” by the “star” news host to report on more details of the event.

When you get the pictures in “live” (provided by international agencies), they begin to show the scene of destruction: death, injury, damage to buildings, and details of the event “live” by the correspondent installed in the area, including the testimonies of survivors, interviews with representatives of government agencies and civil organizations involved in rescuing the wounded and the dead.

The Live “special coverage”, mounted with all the stage of live images of the destruction and testimonies of victims, last according to the information assesment the management of the networkds make (eg, 9/11 in USA lasted over 24 hours, and something similar happened with the 5/11 in Spain).

The “planetarian leveling” of these coverages through its rebound by the networks and local media in the five continents “universalizes the tragedy” to make the people around the world live the drama in the distance as if it were their own. That is how they imposed a “fear to terrorism” on a global scale.

Once the main “live” coverage is abandoned, media networks orchestrate live mini-coverages every fifteen to thirty minutes to develop the same type” information” but more limited in time.

During the attacks of 5/11 in Spain, and in London, “stars” news host of CNN and other big networks, kept for hours transmitting “live” the disaster with images and testimonies, including stories and convictions to “authors” of the attack (ie, in this case, the “Islamic terrorism”).

In the two “terrorists” events together the dead did not reach 300.

As outstanding detail, it should be noted that in Gaza, where died (by military murder) over 900 people, one third of them children and women, they did not deserve the treatment of “special coverage” from the big media networks and the local media “repeaters” that broadcast their live coverage.

The “disappearance” of Gaza


Israeli military extermination in Gaza, which lasted more than 16 consecutive days of bombing civilians in the plot to destroy the “terrorist bunkers” of Hamas has no treatment of “special coverage” in major media networks and local media.

The Israeli military massacre in Gaza, is not listed as relevant “primary information” for the big networks, but as an “informative aggregate” in the big package of information every day.

While the news about Gaza are in all segments of news, they have no relevance and the dynamics of a live coverage with correspondents in various scenarios, with views of witnesses involved in the slaughter, telling the tragedy live and direct.

The international news agencies have obtained full information about the slaughter (part of which is on their websites) through testimonies, pictures and videos that media networks buy but do not broadcast in their coverage.

By disguising the scene of slaughter and the testimony of victims, in addition to significant distortion of the facts and decontextualization of language (calling “conflict” to what in reality is a slaughter) media networks alter the understanding of what is happening in Gaza and reduce their impact on the psychology of mass viewers.

Headlines in their networks and local media replaced the word slaughter or invasion (which is actually happening) with “conflict”, “confrontation” or “war” removing Israel from its character of attacking power.

Similarly they replace the word ”murder” (which really is what Israel is doing in Gaza) for “people dead”, which removes the real meaning to the Israeli military genocide against unarmed civilians.

Therefore, unlike the events that are treated with “special coverage”, the Israeli military slaughter in Gaza is not perceived by the media as a stage of “universal tragedy” by large majorities who develope their psychology, their behavior and emotions from what they see on the TV screen.

Information (on screens) about the military extermination in Gaza does not exceed the framework and format of conventional information or “news”, it is not valued as a “universal tragedy,” no testimony or live images of the victims and destruction, there are no clear signs of who is the “author” (as with the “terrorist” attacks), there are no with correspondents in the field talking “Live” about the facts and these news are treated with almost no relevance mixed with the rest of the daily information package. Indeed, in some media networks, the information goes about Gaza after the news about the sports or entertainment events.

During the more than 16 days leading to the Israeli military slaughter in Gaza, uninterrupted 24 hours, the networks and the local media, gave a “special coverage” to sporting events or “individual tragedies” and “news” about the Genocide in Gaza by Israel still has no importance – almost bureaucratically embedded in the “package” of daily information.

All major media networks and local media omit to show “live” the dead bodies and testimonies of the victims of the military slaughter.

The Final Product


In summary, in Gaza, where more than 900 people were killed and wounded amounted to 3800 (one third of all women and children), a population in humanitarian catastrophe who lack the resources (food, health and infrastructure) to survive and where entire cities and the capital were literally demolished by the Israelis missiles and cluster bombs, the heads of CNN and major networks decided ( “assesing” the information) that the event of death and tragedy is not warranted a “special coverage”. That in terms of manipulative power of television on a global scale is equivalent to declare Gaza as ”non-existent” in the value frame of great human tragedies caused by military extermination.

What is so “different” about the blood of Palestinian children, women and men that do not warrant a ”universal tragedy” character (or Holocaust) for large media networks and local media that hegemonize what is and what is not news at a global scale?

Why to Zionist Jewish Capitalism that hegemonizes (statistically proven) the management and stock package of the mass media and television networks on a global scale, Gaza, Iran, Lebanon, and in general all the Islamic world, are a different human class to that of the billions of “included” in the capitalist system controlled from the U.S. and central European powers?

For now, we are left with a specific verification:

For most governments and societies of the “globalized world”, the Israeli military slaughter in Gaza is nothing but a conflict between Israel and Hamas which resulted in deaths and injuries. Period.

Gaza is only a journalistic headline and a set of crystalized images (frozen) that occasionally cross the retina of the “included” viewers in the capitalist world that look them almost with indifference.

Technically, the genocide of Palestinians by Israel and the human tragedy in Gaza, were “erased” from the cerebral program and operative system of large masses of people around the world subject to the existential dynamics of “I watch TV, therefore I am”.

Accordingly, for those who carry the brain microchip of the capitalist system (massively installed as world “public opinion”), Gaza does not exist.


This explains why the Zionist and Jewish communities in the world can say (with nobody surrounding their houses and their embassies, or boycotting and blocking their banks and companies in the world) that ”Israel is only defending against terrorism in Gaza.”




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