Illuminati-Rothschild Symbols: The Devil’s Footprints in Jerusalem

Throughout these years, I have told you that the creation of Israel was a projected plan since XIX century, by Teodr Herzl an Austrian journalist, who was supported by the Rothschild bankers to execute it. The (artificial) creation of I World War conducted to the creation of the first jewish settlements askhe-nazis in Palestine, sponsored by the Rothschild House and the II World War after placing a sort of “Sadam Hussein” (named Adolf Hitler) in the German Government, with the sacrifice of jewish people to Yahweh (called in Old Testament as “Holocaust”: see Deuteronomy) and the creation of the state of Israel, with banker’s funds. It no coincidence, the Meyer Amsfeld Rothschild effigy appears in the 500 currency bill of the jewish state.


Yesterday, I went back to read an article by a jewish guy called [url=]Jerry Golden, in which he explains, graphicly, the Illuminati symbols in the holy city of Jerusalem, which is supposed to be a very tangible prove that all this giant – and ancient – issue is the preparation for the [url=]arrival of the Antichrist who would have to seat in the throne in this city.


Golden begins explaining how the Rothschilds financed and conducted the construction of the Supreme Court of Israel, in Jerusalem, and they filled it with plenty of Illuminati symbols, starting with the “All Seeing Eye”, that you can appreciate on top of the building picture above.


Below, an inverted cross formed with the stairs and an typical egyptian obelisc.


It seems that the Rothschilds provided various orders for the constructions of the Israeli Supreme Court, among them, that it has to be built by architects under their guidance and in the land they chose. (Below, you can see the meeting where they conceived this building)


Being so, it’s no wonder to anybody that the very Rothschilds placed commemorative plaques with this family’s symbol, owner of 80% of all lands in this State. (In the picture above: Simon Peres, Isaac Rabin and a member of the Rothschild family).

Golden explains graphicly how Illuminati numerology can be found in that building: three layers of stairs form the number 30, which takes the visitor to in front of a library with three different levels, the three levels of mastery in the Illuminati world, which brings us to the number 33. Officially, the first level is for “lawyers” only, the second level for judges and the third one, for retired judges.

In this last level there is a window from which you can see the Temple of Jersusalem, which it is supposed to be built with the original rocks from King Salomon’s temple.

The pyramid we talked about previously links through “ley lines” to enclaves of special significance in the city like Ben Jehuda street or Rockefeller’s Museum (Indeed, Rockefeller does have a museum in Jerusalem)

There are five justice rooms in the lower part, each of them, preceded by a jewish tomb symbol. The main room has some little stairs shaping a woman’s vulva, another pagan symbold used by the Illuminati in Bavaria. With all certainty, if we analyze the symbology displayed in all Supreme Courts around the world, we could find many similar things as those described from the Israel one. Decoration in floors and walls, as well as the number of steps and the orientation are millimetrically thought.

Definitively, Israel is a branch of the Rothschild House.






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