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My local cable operator is wrong. I said it on my last two posts and now i’m forced to say it again.

I do not want, nor do i care for what the president had to say at the UN, but what’s even more important, i paid for a service that is not being rendered just because they are airing a rerun of the president’s speech. Where is my liberty or the liberty of anybody else, for that matter when i’m being forced to NOT WATCH WHAT I WAS WATCHING?

This time though seems to be more thought on the whole thing, i mean, this time there is no “no signal” message on the screen, just a black screen to stare at. And do trust me, i rather watch the black screen than what the president said at the UN.

It is not a matter of how much it lasted (5 minutes), it is a matter of the principle, liberty is there to protect us from this kind of shenanigans.

It’s also not a matter if i share views with the president, i respect his views and respect the fact that he has open doors policies so anybody can discuss matters of national policies with him.

Please, either my cable operator starts understanding the true meaning of liberties and freedom or they keep their end of their service contract.

Someone from the government should be looking into this

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