Israel is in Trouble, They Cannot Leave Gaza: 3 Exit Alternatives

Israel entered Gaza, dividing it into three, cannot end with Hamas, so they continue killing civilians, and now has a problem: Exit


In Gaza, a strip of land 45Km long and 8 km wide, there is one and a half million Palestinians in a state of humanitarian catastrophe, with no food, no electricity, no fuel and the health system is collapsing.

Israel is already in, and now the clock and the dead in Gaza will be the key players of its fate in the coming hours.

Gaza is plagued by two kinds of death: The Israeli missiles and humanitarian catastrophe. For one and a half million Palestinians in the concentration camp death comes from the sky, land and borders criminally closed by the Jewish blockade.

The Strip is a neglected cemetery for the rest of the world (including the Arab countries) and the Jewish troops risk being buried in it. And dying at this time for the Jewish and Zionist leaders who launched the operation to exterminate not necessarily mean the military defeat or lose their soldiers, but remain trapped in the trap without fulfilling their highest goals: to destroy the rockets and missiles launchers, capture or kill the leadership of Hamas, and then operate with the U.S. or unilaterally a “ceasefire” that would allow a proud withdrawal as winner from the cemetery.

Since Sunday night Gaza was divided into three battlefields, in the south, the center and north, and in none, except to take positions, Jewish forces have achieved the highest goal of his mission: Destroy capacity and operational infrastructure of Hamas and other organizations of the Palestinian resistance.

According to descriptions from correspondents and international observers, Jewish forces had taken position in Gaza City, and unless attacks of “fight and go” or sporadic fierce fightings that start and end with the same intensity, Hamas and its fighters “vanished from the scene.”

Covered in the knowledge of every piece of land in their territory commands of the resistance have no fixed targets but starting on last Saturday they appear attacking with mortars and grenades at troops and armored Jewishs and then disappear without a trace.

Are also common, according to observers, the attacks with car bombs and sniper fire that complicate the advance of tanks and armored equipment.

According to Arab media, the hiding and labyrinths of the overpopulated Gaza City encourages such aggressive tactics and keep safe Palestinians combatants.

Accordingly, as noted by a correspondent for the BBC, the Jewish tanks and soldiers remain the most time in their positions, limited to bomb alleged bunkers or nests of resistance, and pending the emergence of an enemy that has gradually become a ghost.

Although neither Israel nor the Palestinian resistance provide official figures of casualties, the military Jewish command spoke on Monday of “dozens” of Palestinian fighters killed while Arab channels also spoke of dozens of Israeli soldiers killed without requiring or confirm the information.

Instead, according to Palestinian health services after the entry of troops and armor to Gaza civilians became the main victims of the crossfire of Jewish tanks, aircraft and missile batteries against the infrastructure of Hamas.

With an aggravating: Troops while advancing steadily fired on targets located in an overcrowded area and the victims (including children and women) already exceed those of the resistance fighters.

In one of such operations, during the day an Israeli tank demolished a house and killed thirteen civilians, according to several international news agencies.

Israeli newspapers on Monday agreed on a title: “The IDF objective (Jewish army) is the terror structure of Hamas.” According to Haaretz, after entering last Saturday in Gaza City army forces began searching the area for weapons deposits, the terrorist infrastructure and the terrorists.

At noon on Monday, according to the daily, military operations had not yielded any results. As evidence of the failure, the Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza continued firing rockets against the Jewish southern states.

Following the trend fighters, weapons and logistics of Hamas became ghosts who, from time to time, ensure a grave for Israel from their hideouts.

With this situation in mind, Ehud Barak, a member, along with Olmert and Livni, of the criminal triumvirate said from Tel Aviv, that “Gaza City is partially surrounded.”

Obviously Barak forgot to say that it is surrounded with Jewish troops inside, not only under surprise fire from Palestinian guerrillas but a psychological pressure that’s going to increase with the passing of the hours and days. What will Israel do in the middle of the cemetery (where hunger and despair make more noise than missiles) and the enemy become ghost?.


Some options are being discussed

A) An agreement of “unity” Hamas-Abbas (mediated by Egypt).
B) An urgent call for a ceasefire operated by France and the U.S. at the UN.
C) A “unilateral” ceasefire by Israel citing the “humanitarian emergency”.

Point A failed repeatedly, point B is the most viable but it requires time that Israel is running out, and the point C does not comply with the injunctions of the “honorable withdrawal” of Israeli troops.

In short, Israel is already at the most feared scene: it is virtually in control of Gaza, not only is responsible for the slaughter by the military massacre and humanitarian catastrophe, but also is now responsible for the “administration” of Gaza with its government now “disappeared” and the State’s infrastructure destroyed.

The invader, at last, without intermediaries, is only against its own work: The mass killing of Palestinians, chaos and ungovernability.

Strategically, from the level of psychological action, Hamas will no longer need to fight: Just enough to them is to keep invisible and extend as much as possible their disappearance of all the places they used to frequent.


Israel is already in the rat trap: Now more than ever they are just fighting against the clock. An irony that as usual is marking once again its invader fate in Gaza[/h3][/align]


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