Israel is tired of killing: It is no longer business

They’ve already got the mousetrap syndrome: Israeli soldiers started to be killed or injured in the streets and corners of Gaza, and senior leaders fear being “stuck” with another Jewish Waterloo similar to Lebanon.


It is highlighted by the very Israeli press: Barak and the lobby of Defense and the main military leaders speak of “Enough is enogh”.

Livni, the hawk blonde of the Presidential Cabinet, has her eyes on the February elections. Netanyahu and the Likud ultrahawks are in “mute” awaiting to win the elections in February, too.

The only one who is still resisting is Olmert, a resigning prime minister who has nothing to lose except his freedom for the process he is facing for corruption. Tactically, troops and armored Jews are already bogged down in Gaza and its suburbs.

Costs already outweigh any progress: more corpses are harvested then results.

The rest of the bunker leaders of the motherland of global Zionism agree: Killing is no longer business, we must now sell the image of “Hamas destroyed” and negotiate a “victorious withdrawal.”

Then they created a popular triumphalism through government propaganda announcing that “all goals were met,” and wait for Obama, who before assuming swore at the AIPAC and prayed at the Wailing Wall.


Cause again they got caught in the trap: With F16, smart missiles, tanks and batteries of the latest generation, the Apache helicopters, cluster bombs and white phosphorous for skinning Palestinian skins.

They were not stopped by anyone or convicted: Not for any power, nor by governments (except Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia) or the “world public opinion,” they just got tired of killing alone.

They just got tired of mutilating and bleeding bodies of children, women and Palestinian men with impunity in the middle of a ghost town.

They got tired of firing the trigger, exhausted from so much human blood of helpless people in the middle of nowhere. Gaza, is now the symbol of the absurd and pathetic sense of a criminal and insane Zionist empire that no longer has strategic enemies, except their own destiny.

After Gaza, there is no longer science fiction. The military might and imperial technology can convert into dust anything that is put in front, including live bodies of humans.

There are no limits: Neither life nor justice have someone who defends them. Logic and common sense have been devoured by individualism and indifference leveled at world scale as the “unique ideology.”

After Gaza, Who can look at a child’s eyes and talk about future? Who can answer the question “What did you do Dad during the slaughter?”

At the open cemetery in Gaza, are, still hot, the torn and maimed little bodies of hundreds of Palestinian children who never understood the meaning of the word Holocaust.

They are a symbol, a limit for those who speak of moral, family, social struggle, securities, and then go to bed with a Zionist TV implanted in the brain.


Pick up the thread: Israel is already in the trap. They got caught alone, and now Israel only has a fixed idea: Exit, run away of their own works of death, without their withdrawal be seen as a defeat. Israel continue its path, until the end.[/h3][/align]



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