Israel Kills 18 Palestinian Civilians in Gaza, almost half of them Children

At least 526 people have died and over 2,450 have been wounded in the Gaza Strip since last December 27, since the Israeli military offensive started in the Gaza Strip, according to medical sources quoted today by the Palestinian news agency Maan.


The digital edition of the Israeli newspaper “Haaretz” said today, citing UN sources, that a quarter of those killed were civilians.

The offensive caused tonight, in its tenth consecutive day, the death of at least 18 Palestinians, nearly half of them children. Since the ground operation began this past Saturday, 86 Palestinians have died. The total balance of the campaign ‘Cast Lead’ is already more than 526 dead and 2450 injured.

Ash Shifa Hospital sources in Gaza City, reported this evening that two parents and five children of Abu Eisha family were killed as a result of a naval attack against their home in Al Mashtal area, north of the refugee camp Ash Shati (west of Gaza City).

Palestinian doctors also confirmed this morning six people belonging to the family Samudio were killed, including three children, because of the impact of a missile on their house in the Zaytun neighborhood in Gaza City. Shortly before, Israeli soldiers had opened fire on a residential area in the same neighborhood, killing a girl of five years of the family Al Hilu and his grandfather. The mother was seriously injured.

Israeli forces intensified their attacks throughout the night, during which bombed the homes of four leaders of Hamas and the home of Jamil Mizher, a leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in the refugee camp An Nuseirat in central Gaza Strip. Another objective bombed was the building of Political Science at the University Al Umma in Gaza City.

According to Israel, Israeli forces had warned all residents at every moment to leave their homes. Some families went to schools run by the United Nations. A spokesman for the Israeli Army reported that the aircraft had bombed tonight more than 30 targets, including the homes of members of Hamas, as well as weapons deposits, tunnels and suspected rocket launchers, according to ‘Haaretz’.

UN sources quoted by the Israeli newspaper reported at least one quarter of those killed in the Gaza Strip since last December 27 were civilians. In yesterday’s attacks at least 42 people were killed, mostly civilians, according to medical sources quoted and reported by ‘Haaretz’.




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