Israel’s Plan A and B for Gaza

The strategy is the same as followed in Lebanon with Hezbollah: Give time to Israel so they can advance all they can in destroying infrastructure and operative capacity of Hamas, and then call for a cease to bring “peace”.


UN, US and all other Sionist European powers (in control of the Security Council) “inaction” to stop the conflict is no coincidence at all, but a causality powered by a common goal: Prolong the masacre under formal calls to “stop violence” (without any concret action measure) thus promoting the goals of Israel.

One logic is being imposed: US, EU and Israel are partners in a common plan: End with Hamas and allied palestinian orgarnizations in Iran, Syria and Lebanon, and prepare the ground to advance against Hezbollah in one final operation against the nuclear facilities in Iran.


Arabian governments, trade partners of the sionist axis US-EU, repeat the same frame of “inaction” attending to their economic-financial interests diversified with the sionist “west”.

Washington, Tel Aviv and the EU, at the same time, need to concrete what they could not achieve in August 2006: Remove the rear of “islamic terrorism” (read Hezbollah, Hamas and the rest of fighting groups in Israel) and from there advance to a “remodelation” project for the Middle ending with the regimes of Damascus and Teheran.

The geopolitic project of open borders without “islamic terrorism” that moves the sionist axis US-EU-Israel needs primarily to destroy the “islamic base” that feed the oil axis of Russia-Iran-Syria-Venezuela.

There are to vital issues on dispute: The oil and gas networks in Eurasia and Middle East and the survival of the Israeli State. The Middle East links the Caspian oile with that from Central Asia with Persian Gulf and Strait of Ormuz, the center of the strategic dispute with Russia for the control of every energetic corridor from Eurasia and Middle East.

Irán, in borderline with the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf, is the tactic pivot and main guardian through which passes more than 40% of the world oil. And a “nuclear” Iran – in control fo the Strait of Ormuz – would been put out of the reach of threat for the sionist axis of US-EU, it would unbalance the “energetic war” to promote the axis of Russia-Syria-Iran-Venezuela and will threat the survival of the Israeli State, the spine for the sionist project in the Middle East.

Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Hamas in Gaza, at the same time, represent the spine for the axis of Iran-Syria in the “backyard” of Israel. The project of open borders without “islamic” terrorism need to eliminate both to preserve from any threat the borders and Israeli cities when they put in march the unavoidable military operations against Iran and Syria. They failed in Lebanon in 2006, and now they start with the most weak link: Gaza



Rabbi Against Israel Zionism



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