Keesha Smith the tenth houseguest evicted from ‘Big Brother 10’


Keesha Smith became the tenth houseguest evicted from Big Brother 10 during last night-s special live broadcast of the CBS reality show.

The single 29-year-old Hooters waitress from Burbank, CA was revealed to be evicted from the Big Brother house on Day 64 by Robert “Memphis” Garrett, a single 25-year-old mixologist and party planner from Los Angeles, CA who was the sole houseguest to cast an eviction vote.

Memphis had originally been placed on the block by Dan Gheesling, a single 24-year-old Catholic high school teacher from Dearborn, MI who won Head of Household during last Thursday night-s broadcast.

While Memphis and Dan continued their “Renegades” alliance, both though it best for Dan to place Memphis on the chopping block along with Jerry MacDonald, a married 75-year-old former Marine and retired marketing executive from Magnolia, TX.

Dan used the nominations to gain Keesha-s trust while Memphis used it to further Jerry-s trust in him and also cause Jerry to believe there was a problem between Memphis and Dan.

The “Renegades” felt their best-case-scenario was for Memphis to win the Power of Veto competition, which would force Dan to nominate Keesha as a replacement nominee and thus assure their two-man alliance a spot in the Final 3.

The plan started swimmingly when Memphis won the tenth season-s final PoV competition during a pre-taped portion of last night-s broadcast. He immediately met with Dan in the HoH room and they discussed their options.

Memphis called Jerry the pair-s “safest bet” for one of them to win the final HoH since Jerry has a lack of “will and endurance” compared to Keesha — who sensed she was in trouble.

“They-re going to frickin- evict me,” said Keesha as she painted her toenails.

Keesha then confronted Dan and Memphis about her suspicions and asked point blank if they were about to get rid of her, explaining she at least wanted to know of her demise before it took place. When neither Memphis or Dan calmed her fears, she immediately knew what was coming.

“Whoever sends me out of here better not think they-re getting my vote, that-s for damn sure,” said Keesha to Dan and Memphis — but more specifically to Memphis. “[They] better not think I-m not going to do everything in my world to change the minds in that jury house too.”

Dan then approached Keesha and used it as an opportunity to further portray Memphis in a negative light and thus help his own chances with a potential jury member. Memphis also knew his impending decision was a big one.

“It could definitely be a $500,000 decision,” he said.

Prior to the live portion of last night-s Big Brother 10 broadcast commencing, Dan received the luxury reward he won during Sunday night-s broadcast and was whisked to a deserted island with previously evicted houseguest Michelle Costa.

Dan could have taken Jerry, Keesha or Memphis or one of the season-s other jury members on the trip, however he strategically chose Michelle since he knew she felt betrayed by him when he backdoored her two weeks ago as HoH.

He used the trip as an opportunity to make amends with Michelle, lobby for her own jury vote and also ask that she try to sway the other jury members in his favor.

“I feel good about this trip with Michelle,” said Dan. “I think I-ve won her over a little bit.”

“Me and Dan did have a really good relationship in the house. We got along pretty well,” said Michelle. “It was really nice of Dan to pick me. It was probably the best decision that he made.”

The live portion of last night-s broadcast then commenced with Memphis deciding to use the PoV on himself and formally remove himself from the block. Jerry and Keesha were each given one last chance to state their case for remaining in the house.

“I actually don-t care to say anything to Memphis; I would like to take this time to say something to Dan,” said Keesha.

“Dan, I want to thank you so much for being there for me for the last couple of days because it-s been really rough and I don-t know what I would have done without you. So I want to wish you good luck in this game.”

“This wasn-t an easy decision at all,” explained Memphis before casting the vote. “But I look at this game as a business plan, and I-ve chosen to vote to evict Keesha.”

Keesha gathered her belongings and had Dan whisper something to her before she exited the house and was met by host Julie Chen and a live studio audience. Julie-s first question was what Dan had whispered.

“[He whispered that] he took Michelle on the trip. I had no idea,” answered Keesha. “None of the houseguests knew. So this is huge. It-s huge. I think that he-s looking for Michelle-s vote in the jury house.”

In addition, Keesha also said she initially didn-t see her ouster coming after Memphis won PoV.

“I was shocked,” she said. “I figured it out last night on my own. Jerry was acting too calm. When Jerry is flustered he usually shows it — he-s not good at hiding his emotions — and Jerry was calm. So I knew that Jerry was told that he was safe.”

Keesha said her fears were confirmed upon confronting Memphis.

“Memphis turned beet red and walked out of them room, didn-t have anything to say to me,” she said. “He kept telling me the whole time that I was safe. I-m very hurt because I feel like I saved him many a time… This is how he repays me.”

Keesha then explained why she thinks Memphis voted to evict her instead of Jerry.

“I think that Memphis was afraid that Dan was going to take me to the end,” she said. “He didn-t want to chance it.”

Once Keesha-s exit interview was over, Dan, Memphis and Jerry began the first challenge in Big Brother 10-s three-part final HoH competition.

Similar to prior Big Brother final HoH competitions, the winner of the first round will automatically advance to the third round, leaving the remaining two houseguests to compete against each other in a second round competition that will determine which two houseguests get to compete in the third round that will determine the season-s final HoH.

Once crowned, the final Head of Household will get to determine which other Final 3 houseguest will join them in the Final 2.

The first round of the three part challenge began at the conclusion of last night-s live broadcast and was dubbed “Wing and a Prayer.” Each houseguest had to keep their balance while standing on a plane suspended in the air, with the last houseguest standing winning the first-round competition.

Big Brother 10-s final HoH will be revealed on Thursday at 8PM ET/PT, and CBS will air a Big Brother 10 clip show on Sunday at 8PM ET/PT.

Big Brother 10-s live finale will then air live on Tuesday at 9PM ET/PT — with the winner receiving the $500,000 grand prize.


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