Mysteries of megaliths, pyramids and Atlantis in the secret dungeon of Dr Horlock

The film Stargate Atlantis, gives an idea ot the world of Atlantida, where they used spaceships and an universal source of energy by the means of Nature electricity, pyramids, dolmens and water as mean for current.


Stonehenge was a compass a GPS for Alien spaceships

The megaliths and pyramids were located in geomantic places for circulating a cosmic electric energy, positive in the dolmens, negative in the pyramids. The Nephilims constructed Stonehenge for this purpose, to measure the solar and lunar cycle to know where it was located and whether the galaxy was a binary system with two suns. Stonehenge was a circle to be seen from the sky, click here to see it. It was like an esoteric and energy crop circle.


Stonehenge and Pyramids

Horlock started to unveil immemorial secrets, unknown to the present day:[/h3]

– Nobody will dare to imagine what Stonehenge really is – he started -. It was really a compass for alien spaceships from Atlantis. When some of these aliens arrived to Earth they did not have maps, neither their GPS worked. Then in some strategic places they created circles to position themselves from above. Nazca airstrips in Peru are something alike, besides to be airstrips for giant motherships, there were found skulls of the cucumber shaped ones that inhabited Egypt and Atlantis. They were always loacated in appropiate geomantic places and pointing to certain stars or astronomic references. This is whay in ancient times they built these monuments.

– This is they why the pyramid is a great symbol for the Illuminati elite, right?[/h3]

– Sure. This is the symbol of the Brittish Corporation that rule over us. If you look the flace is a pyramid seen from above, in two dimenssions, a flat pyramid. As well as the Basque flag, it has a celtic-atlantis origin. In the Vatican appears a key and a brittish flag. How the hell is that? Well, that is because the Vatican is the owner of the Brittish Corporation. It’s Satan, Jesuschrists is Lucifer, the Morning Light, the Angels are deamons, both Catholics and Muslims worship Lucifer without knowing it, and the Kaaba, which is from the Black culsto to the Black Cube of Saturn. The other symbol of the Illuminati is the Cross, Templar Cross or Double Cross (look at the Exxon logo), which is the symbol of the Sun and the Eagle, that is whay it is used by the Nazi and the Vatican, which both turn out to be the same.




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