No me pongas las P*ta Vacuna contra la Gripe Cerda (Canción)

Esta es la más reciente canción del Health Ranger, Mike Adams, para denunciar la estafa de la vacuna contra la gripe porcina que esta siendo impulsada en todo el mundo, el cual es un negociazo multimillonario de las farmafias que buscan joder tu sistema inmunlógico para luego venderte más medicinas que terminarán por matar a tus hijos y a ti por ignorante.


Ojalás reacciones luego de escuchar esta rola y leer las líricas!


The swine flus comin back

like a viral attack

Its like 76, you gotta cover ya back

But not with a vaccine dont give in to that

Because those medical quacks

are makin money off that

They wanna inject you, infect you with the vaccine

They say they protect but they reject your immunity

And if you protest they arrest you and they lock you down

Cant have people like that walkin around


The truth is outrageous

Dont you know the drug companies made this flu

And if youre thinkin you wanna evade this

Then you gotta say this

Dont inject me

Dont infect me

Dont stick that needle in my arm and chemically wreck me

Dont inject me

Dont infect me

Dont stick that needle in my veins and medically wreck me

Dont use me

Dont abuse me

Dont push your medical lies and try to confuse me

Dont trick me

Dont you dick me

With that needle in ya hand dont you dare try to prick me

Dont you know the swine flu is made by man

Pharmaceutical scam

Its all part of the Big Brother population plan

But the thing I dont understand

is why they in Mexico City

in an unmarked military van

They dont want you to see the remedies

you can stop influenza with vitamin D for free

Herbal medicine is all that you need

But they cant charge a fifty dollar fee


They inject you

They infect you

They stick that needle in your arm

and chemically wreck you

They use you

They abuse you

They say theyre saving your life while they really confuse you

All you parents grab your kids

And shoot em up just like guinea pigs

Inject your teens and your babies in the crib

And when they get paralyzed

Thats when you realize

Theres no way to undo what you did

The big drug companies are makin a killing

Collectin the billions and gettin away like a James Bond villain

cause theyre willin to do almost anything

Just to make money with the flu vaccine

Song and Lyrics © 2009 by Michael Adams, All Rights Reserved



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