Now That’s Weird: David Icke Interviewed by Ross Hemsworth, October 23th

David Icke Two-Hour Live TV Interview on October 23rd to be broadcast around the world by Edge Media TV

This coming Thursday David will be live on Edge Media Television (Sky channel 200) talking to Ross Hemsworth from 8pm to 10pm UK time. The programme will also be live-cast on the Internet for those who don’t have Sky.


You will be able to text questions into the programme and interact with Ross and David. These are important times and there is much that people need to know, so please pass on the information about the programme to anyone who might be interested.


[flash=480,395] That’s Weird – David Icke 2/8&start_time=1224789300000&end_time=1224790200000&channel=edgemediatv&tip_id=346694[/flash]

[flash=480,395] That’s Weird – David Icke 3/8&start_time=1224790200000&end_time=1224791100000&channel=edgemediatv&tip_id=346695[/flash]

[flash=480,395] That’s Weird – David Icke 4/8&start_time=1224791100000&end_time=1224792000000&channel=edgemediatv&tip_id=346696[/flash]

[flash=480,395] That’s Weird – David Icke 5/8&start_time=1224792000000&end_time=1224792900000&channel=edgemediatv&tip_id=346697[/flash]

[flash=480,395] That’s Weird – David Icke 6/8&start_time=1224792900000&end_time=1224793800000&channel=edgemediatv&tip_id=346698[/flash]

[flash=480,395] That’s Weird – David Icke 7/8&start_time=1224793800000&end_time=1224794700000&channel=edgemediatv&tip_id=346699[/flash]

[flash=480,395] That’s Weird – David Icke 8/8&start_time=1224794700000&end_time=1224795600000&channel=edgemediatv&tip_id=346700[/flash]



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