Obama, Marketing and the Dead in Gaza

A few days ago, the big international media largely controlled by Jewish capital were pleased: Clearing their covers and headlines with news from Gaza and replaced them with the show for the inauguration of Barack Obama who will face the “new challenge” of 4 years to manage the locomotive Empire of Zionism at global scale.


In the same way they concealed or manipulated the slaughter in Gaza diminishing and neutralizing the internation impact to avoid condemnation for Israel, so now try to wipe out the defeat of the Jewish State by presenting the 1300 dead, 6,000 wounded, and destruction of Gaza, as a product of the “violence” and not the Israeli bombing for 22 consecutive days.

As happened with the slaughter (both in Lebanon and in Gaza), the international press does not analyze or process the events (what, why and what for) but that only shows headlines of decontextualized “news” and without historical references, where Israel, which usurped and occupied for over 60 years the Palestinian territory, so when Israel attacks Gaza is beause they are only ”defending against terrorism of Hamas.”

Anyone looking for a map of Palestine before 1947, and then confronted with the current map of Israel, to the naked eye one can see proof of dispossession: What was once Palestine, now is Israel. And what were the Israeli settlements, it is now Palestine. So, the State of Israel was built on the basis of theft and illegitimate territorial occupation promoted and supported by the Zionist axis then led by Britain and the European powers and with the emerging empire of the U.S.


It is the proof of dispossession and the core of the conflict, which is not between Israel and “terrorist” organizations that want to destroy it, but between Israel and Palestinian organizations that do not recognize the legitimacy of the invading Jewish state and want to recover its territory through a war of liberation.

What happens in Gaza is not a conflict of circumstantial “terrorists” against a state and its inhabitants, but an historical war between the invaders and the invaded, led by the owners of the historic Palestinian Territory (now Israel), today sentenced to live in a ghetto of only 360 km2 (Gaza Strip), surrounded by the military machine of its oppressor.

This conceptual, concrete, historical and verifiable axis is what Israel wants to hide and / or systematically distort from the spectrum of information on the great press about the Israeli military slaughter in Gaza to the present the situation as a ”war” between Hamas and Israel without any reference to the historical origin of the conflict.

Last week, finally the big media networks and their repeaters globally (the media and the local channels in the five continents) showed its true face: the great special coverage, live of the Israeli military killing in Gaza is devoted to the assumption of Obama presented as unprecedented, not as an international political event but as a “big show”, where the “black president” is the lead actor.

Increasingly pressured by the political costs of the slaughter, the resistance of Hamas to sign a truce as if they were the “defeated” when actually Israel was defeated and with a more defined front looking for an international boycott against Israel, now the Israeli high command declared an unilateral truce that allowed the imperial new manager of the USA, Barack Obama, to have his great celebration of inauguration in Washington.

So that, and as if it were a celebrity event in Hollywood, the media presented Obama as a product of marketing and merchandising to be adored and consumed by the alienated sheople, rather than as the manager of an Empire that has nuclear power and has turned the planet into a land of occupation and continued looting to serve the Zionist banks and transnational corporations that control the White House.

The ”Obama phenomenon” is designed, built and controlled by the Zionist lobby in Wall Street, and swept and overshadowed the little that was left on the screens of the Israeli slaughter in Gaza.

For the dead and maimed in Gaza there was no special coverage for the live transmission, as that day Obama had it to become the massive icon for the sheople programmed at a global scale.

And there is a reason that justifies the background: It is very difficult for big Zionists media to “sell” those killed and maimed in Gaza as a show without showing the hangman. The dead of “Islamic terrorism” sell, but the Israeli extermination of Palestinians do not sell. This is the functional logic that determines when the death is “news”, and when death is not “news” for the great makers of the “global information”.

And they needed a great media spectacle to forget the dead of the slaughter and destruction in Gaza.

And they needed a great media spectacle to hide another big Israeli defeat, now, suffered in Gaza, whose army was not defeated by Hamas but by the ghost of the dead Palestinians that the Jewish state collects under its foundations.

And at last Obama arrives: An African American, half black and half white, presented as a new symbol of ”manifest destiny”, this time with Blacks and Hispanics included as accepted natives of the imperial state.

In the end Obama, a genuine product of the show to sell without throwing down the “good mood” of the remote control programmed sheople of the capitalist consumer society at a global scale.

It’s what the big media networks were seeking from December 27th, when Israeli missiles, in just three minutes killed 200 Palestinians and maimed 350 others, at the beginning of operation “Cast Lead” which aimed to end the military structure of Hamas and destroy Palestinian arsenals and rockets platforms.

Then Israel was forced to declare: ”Unilateral ceasefire by Israel in Gaza,” while carefully hiding the “detail” that Israel began its retreat without achieving the goals sought for the operation “Cast Lead” which for 22 consecutive days killed 1300 Palestinians, injured 6,000 and destroyed in a massive way the infrastructure of Gaza.

After that, the big media networks continued covering the Israeli defeat with the ”Obama show”, a marketing media product far more profitable than those killed in Gaza.

Against which Israel has already lost the war.



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