The full moon brightly casting
a soft warm yellow light
her beautiful silhouette is glowing
its shining and its bright.
Across her erect breasts
my fingers lightly trace
finger circles and spirals
our heart beats like a race
I tease and I taunt her
as I quickly grow
shivers of eager surges
fast and then now slow.
My hand moves slowly
across her lower belly
amongst the soft curls
my fingers playfully dally.
Stroking her folds gently
my fingers soon open
her lips all moist now
no words are spoken.
Slowly parting her with ease
to fulfill her burning need
Our Endless Hunger
her soft moan is freed.
The soft swollen petals
of her blooming flower
I carefully spread
Flames of wanting a burning
juices free flowing
our passion is fed.
Like probing sensors
my deft fingers
her wetness I seek
she will take me up
beyond any high
to the highest peak.
She skillfully takes me up
beyond the skies
somehow to heaven’s door
mindless to my cries
mindless to my moans
I beg for so much more.
I lift her up to me
our lips come together
I french kiss her deep
now we are joined
melded together
with one kissing sweep.
She pulls me in closer
up against the wall
she grabs hold of me
she slowly guides me in her
hungry moist folds of flesh
to a higher sensual degree.
Slowly making sweet love
slipping in and out of her
with careful loving care
just like a shooting star
so high up in space
she skillfully takes me there.
The exciting moments arrived
of my eager shooting seeds
deep in her to be sowed
slipping deeper inside of her
I feel it quickly starting
I let myself explode.
She wraps her arms around me
she holds me very tight
she kisses my mouth deep
she clamps me deep inside
squeezing on me tight
its me inside she keeps.
One final forceful thrust
one final sensual burst
shooting seeds so deep within
she tells me that she loves it
it makes us want it more
we will make love again.
The rising tide of romance
igniting all our passions
our bodies come to meet
bringing us together
as a couple deep in love
now we’re one complete.
I gently lay her down
I see the bright full moon
its yellow glowing light
laying there together
speaking words of love
our afterglow is bright!!!!!

Penned By Jacob Larsen Voncken 🙂

Quote: The Best And Most Beautiful Thing In The World Can’t Be Seen Or Touched. It Must Be Felt With Your Heart…


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