Real Friend Test !

This is GOOD…I expect it back 2 !

A simple friend when visiting,acts like a guest. A real friend opens u refrigerator n helps himself.

A simple friend has never seen u cry. A real friend has shoulders soggy from ur tears.

A simple friend doesnt know ur parents first name.A real friend has their phone # in his cell phone memory.

A simple friend brings a bottle of wine 2 ur party.A real friend comes early 2 help u cook n stays late 2 help u clean.

A simple friend hates it when u call after he has gone 2 bed.A real friend ask u y u took so long 2 call.

A simple friend seeks 2 talk wit u bout ur problems. A real friend seeks 2 help u wit ur problems.

A simple friend wonders bout ur romantic history.A real friend could blackmail u wit it.

A simple friend thinks a friendship is over when u have an argument.A real friend calls u after u had a fight.

A simple friend expects u 2 always b there 4 them.A real friend expect 2 always b there 4 u.

Give diz rose @–>–  2 every1 u care bout .

If u get it back u have no beginning,no end.It keeps us 2gether,like our real circle of friends.

2day i pass da friendship ball2 u.Pass it on 2 some1 who means a friend 2 u…


             THINK BOUT IT.- 


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