Religion and Business with the Holocaust

”Asked for proof of 6 Million gassed during holocaust?”

This drawing says…[/h3]


“Ravensbruck, a thousand times damn camp! My first impression was that I would leave the world soon”…

[align=center]Neus Catalá, a spanish survivor. Ravenbruck, where you could even find a swimming pool, as you can seen in the video below. “I seriously doubt if it was better to die there or live martyred with some many memories”, recalls Luis Estaño, another survivor.[/align]

This is the official version, but you have to know that Simon Wiesenthal, one of the Nazi Hunters and promoter of the holocaust recognized, according to [url=]The Star and Stripes magazine, that no concentration camps existed in Germany, incredible information and that we are not agree, because yes they were there. You also have to know that the jewish lobby controls the world through thinktanks like CFR, AIPAC, WINEP and Matrixmedia: AP, Reuters, CNN, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph, Le Figaró, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, Le Monde, The Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, US News & World Report, Business Week, RTVE, etc, all belog to the CFR.

They also control Hollywood (Spielber, for example) Wikipedia and the Brittish Encyclopedia and all major Universities: Harvard, MIT Massachussets Institute of Technology, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, y Chicago. This means, they control the world and all the information you receive.

Erick Marco

The phoney and president of the Mathaussen Association of Survivors[/h3]

[align=center][url=]Marco, before the deputees: “We arrived in three infected trains, we got naked and their dogs bitten us” (But all this is a lie)[/align]

Even in Spain have appeared phoney survivors of the Concentration camps like the dumb in the picture, Eric Marco, which demonstrates that many mouths make a living with the Holocaust, which is already a religion plenty of dogmas you don’t have to believe. Who tell us that other testimonials are not false by people who want to make a living with the tale of the holocaust? Most part of the people obtains the information from movies like the ones from jews Spielberg or Polansky, without ever confirmed or witnessed anything directly – like the myth of the 6 millions – and without realizing that you are sold a distorted version made by the Jewish lobby.



[url=]The Genocidal Bush Family Backed Financially the Nazis[/h3][/align]

[align=center]In 1942 The New York Tribune unveiled that George W. Bush’s grandfather financed Hitler[/align]

Nobody denies atrocities made by the Nazis…

But there is something more behind the Holocaust: Sionist Lobby Propaganda[/h3]


For the sionists we are mere pigs: “Souls of non jews come from impure spirits and are called pigs” (Jalkut Rubeni Gadol, 12 b). The biggest holocaust in history is the one they have manufactured right now in the world, specially in Palestine and Iraq. The Al-Qaida invention is for the world hates their archi-enemy: the muslims.

Some of these pictures could be natural epidemies, like tifus, which are manipulated like mass murders or maybe they could be for real: nazi indeed practiced extermination.

Nobody denies the Holocaust[/h3]

Nobody denis that jews died in nazi hands and they commited all sorts of atrocities like the one of the Poland jewish guetto, as it is told by many testimonials in documentaries like Nazis, a warning from History of the BBC, by Lawrence Rees (1977), but there is plenty of censored and hidden bibliography and documentation that provide us another version of the holocaust that is worth mentioning and be known. By law in many countries it is forbidden to deny or debate about the holocaust. In Spain until few years ago you could not comment or discuss the official data: you could even go to jail. Movies and TV and Matrixmedia have sold us that jews were the good ones in this drama, but we have already seen that you don’t have any reason to accept all official “truths”, even more when suspiciously it is insisted to do not discuss or question something.

The Holocaust Industry[/h3]

Norman Filkenstein, son of survivors from concentration camps, denouces in his book “The Holocaust Industry” that there is a business behind the holocaust, based on indemnizations, subsidies, government programs and a thousand more of financial tactics. Walter Graziano show us in another book, “Hitler won the war”, the evident links between sionists and the nazis that continue in the present days supporting the Illuminati hidden ruling of the global elite, and the supposed saviors like Bush, Rockefeller, etc… that financed both sides in the war.

Hitler: Ecologist, Heralded and Impeccably Dressed[/h3]

We have to remember that Hitler was chosen democratically – but King Juan Carlos in Spain didn’t – that all the people heralded him and that he invaded Austria and Polan with the applause of the people conquered. He was the owner of the world at that time, he managed occult forces – the longino spear (used to martyr one of the clones of Christ) it is told that it was with him providing with esoteric power, until he lost it – Does not arise any suspicion that a sado-masochist vagabond (liked the slave role playing), interested in esotericism and who slept in parks became the Master of the World?

He was also a fanatic german patriot, no matter the others, with social programs incredibly advanced for that time. He had charisma and was gifter speaker. Nazis weren’t more evil than the rest of neighbor countries. In fact, Stalin caused a bigger holocaust – it is said that 6 million or even 60 – that Hitler or Churchill was a sinister illuminati capo of the global elite, or the Bush and its yankees allies, but history it is sold to us as the good saviors. They were all alike and behind the war there was a big business as in any military conflict.

According to Dr. Rif’at Sayyed Ahmad, director of the “Research Center of Jaffa” in Cairo and columnist for the Al-Liwaa Al-Islami, an egyptian newspager, “Holocaust was a sionist lie for extorting the Western World”.

Norman Filkenstein[/h3]
[align=center]”Big part of the literature about the Final Solution of Hitler has no real value for a scholar. Certainly, studies about the Holocaust are fille with absurdity, if not pure frauds…. Seeing the crap that is sold everydy about the Holocaust, the weird thing is that there is so few skeptics”.[/align]

Doctor Norman Filkenstein, jewish researcher and author of “The Holocaust Industry”.


Nazi Uniforms were designed by Hugo Boss[/h3][/align]

Nazism was surrounded by aesthetic paraphernalia that even today captivates. Universal oriental emblems like the swastika, symbol of victory or infinite and superb uniforms materly designed by Hugo Boss and his team (satanic…: Himmler, Dr. Karl Diebitsch an the great artist Waltert Heck). Hitler wrote in “Mein Kampf”: “only kwnodledge about judaism provides the key for the understanding of the social-democracy purposes”. He was completely right, in fact, nazism and sionismo were both factions in the fight for the Evil Order of the global elite. Under any concept he was mad, as many say.

Antisemitism was a normal thing at that tiem, since they blamed for the World War I defeat to the jews. Hitler was vegetarian, no-smoker and abstemious and he was the creator of ecologism and loved the animals. He was against hunting, he was very kind with children (arian, of course), he was religious, built many homes for the people and many programs for sports, teenagers, hostels or the protection of women.

He had esotheric experiences with drugs and researched black magic and Atlantis. He was an artist, an excellent painter: He sold his paintings in parks, where he lived as a vagabond. For the conspiranoia, occult satanic forces gave him the power and them they took it from him: you just have to take a look to the skull in every nazi hat.

One afternoon he took important decission at his castle in the Black Jungle: all of a sudden the skies turned in red and a maid told him that something terrible was about to happen, to what Hitler replied: “whatever it has to be…”. It was the announcement of the end. It is said that he neverd ordered the execution of the final solucion, they were ideas from his lieutenants, some of them proposed send the jews to Madagascar.

Nazism triumphs today overlapply

There are always supporters and public nazi parties or overlapped even today, some – or the majority – even in power, like Berlusconi, Putin, China or the two governments of Bush, democrats, etc…Jewish-Nazism disguised as democracy triumphs around the world, although it is sold with the idea of capitalist freedom: current governments use nazi tactics – state terrorism (Hitler burned the parliament to supress all liberties after that), continued propaganda, permanent intoxication, repetition of lieas, media manipulation, slavery, brainwashing, economic exploitation (Sion, comes from mount avaris: greedy), absolute censorship (always when they can, i.e. the internet), etc… This means, we live under the sionists religion: under the jewish lobby vision of the world: they are the chosen people, the chosen sacrifice, the savior people: they are everything. The masters of the world, of the USA, the UN, Bilderberg, global elite, etc…The founder of the Bilderberg club and the WWF and owner of Shell was a nazi, Bernard of Neetherlands.

Registration where is said that 4 million, not 6: they were around 300,000 victims[/h3]


Figures don’t match: some point that there were like a 6 million or more jews in Europe at that time and it could not be possible all of them died. Churchill didn’t mention the figure in his memories, because of the data or the myth of the 6 million was after the war. The figures about the dead people is debated by many historians. The jew Listojewski says that they were around 350,000 to 500,000.

The Red Cross has registered like 300,000 to 350,000, most of them by the tifus and other epidemies. Leutche report, made the expert in gas chambers, propose that in order to gas 6 million people at the pace of all known executions – 1693 weekly – during the Third Reich would have to have last 68 years. Leutche believes that, even they existed, they were not used for executions. The gas that is being said was used, Zycklon B, was toxic, but not the most practical for mass executions.

However, witnesses and relatives of the holocaust victims raiterate that nazis gassed jews. We repeat again, nobody here denies the sacrifice, holocaust and suffering for the people involved and their families, we are just saying that the tragedy is overly exaggerated and it is manipulated in favor of the jewish lobby agenda, as if it was the biggest of all times.

Is this a Concentration Camp
This are images the circulate in the internet, nobody guarantees all of them come from concentration camps

Real and normal picture from EFE new service about the Holocaust in Auschwitz[/h3]
These are not the dramatic images that we are fed in the jewish movies: you can see well dressed and peaceful people.

[url=]According to this article, gas chambes in Auschwitz seem inconceivable, historian David Irving says that they were put in there after the war.

[url=]The Holocuast is one of the foundations of the New World Order the global elite wants.

[url=]Anna Frank diaries are false, they were written with a pen when they didn’t existed and the girld died typhus.

Abundant Critic or Official Bibliography[/h3]

La Estafa del siglo XX de Arthur Butz, The Big Lie.The true reason behind the attack of September de David Duke, ¿Murieron realmente 6 millones? de Richard Harwood, Apocalypse 1945: The destruction of Dresden de David Irving, Hoax or Holocaust.The Arguments de Jürgen Graf, The holocaust industry de Norman Filkenstein, Is The Diary of Anne Frank genuine? de Robert Faurisson, The Myth of the Six Million-, David HogganZionism and Anti-Semitism. A Strange Alliance Through History (Jews and Israel de Allan C. Brownfield, El Holocausto de César Vidal (La parte 1933-1945)La revisión del Holocausto de César Vidal (La parte después de 1945).,Los verdugos voluntarios de Hitler: los alemanes corrientes y el holocausto deDaniel Jonah Goldhage. Holocausto de Gerard Green…etc

A very good official documentary to watch the atrocities of the nazis and testimonials from survivors is: Nazis, a warning from history of the BBC, Lawrence Rees (1977))


About a series of human tragedies commited by the nazis during war it has been placed and exaggerated a religion and a business to favor the agenda of the jewish lobby. Well proved ties between nazis and sionist have been found demonstrating that they were faces of the same band led by a hidden power of the global elite. Hitler is not worst than anyone of the statemen who defeated him, they were al factions of the global elite. The current sionists that control the world have created a holocaust even worst than then one they said they suffered and they pretend to create a New World Order to enslave us all.



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