Tactic Profile of the ‘New Terrorism’: Strategic Scenario of Attacks in India

The “terrorist” operation was executed by a group of commandos (10, according to the official version, some fifteen or twenty, according to leaks) using procedures and techniques of elite forces that surprised the experts. The planned slaughter, which lasted three days in Mumbai, the so-called “financial capital” of Asia, causing 195 deaths, more than 350 wounded, and had all the ingredients to shake and destroy the “target” to which was directed: 5 Start Hotels where senior executives and entrepreneurs of transnationals were housed.


The attacks were primers, accurate, synchronized, conducted by trained commandos and distributed cellularly on several action fronts simultaneously.

The bulk of the deaths and injuries occurred in the first minutes of the attack: The commands “swept the target” with automatic repetition weapons (machine guns and assault rifles) and handheld explosives (grenades) and killing indiscriminately while destroying installations.

The experts described the commands as “the best trained” tactical “terrorists” since 9/11, when George W Bush launched the war on terror with which it justified the invasion of Afghanistan first, and Iraq later.

With an average age between 20 and 25 years, the commandos began to make their extermination operation with synchronized and robotic movements their arms operated as an extension of their bodies.

Official versions estimated that more than one hundred people fell swept by gunfire and grenades in the first few minutes. But then followed 3 days of fighting with the special forces in small spaces at the heart of the business and tourist city.

In a second phase, they barricaded themselves with hostages who were executed to delay the operation while negotiating with the elite officers of the special forces who surrounded them.



The post-attack action showed clearly that the maximum goal was resisting as long as possible to consolidate the “global impact” and the covert strategy of the massacre.

International press set the slogan of the attack: “terrorizing the international financial world.” and set the slogan of the operation: “Indian 9/11”.

“The gunmen wanted to go down in history by an Indian 9/11, and was also inspired by the attack on the Marriott hotel in Islamabad,” the Times Now television remarked the slogan that was gathered later by the rest of the news networks.

The “Live” media coverage – as has occurred since the 9/11 to this day – multiplied and elevated globally the shock and “fear” (“terror”) setting by repeating images of dead and wounded tainted blood in a scene of widespread destruction.

For the experts of the sionist system, this was an “atypical” and a novel “Islamic terrorism” sort of operation: The operational framework focused on the destructive action of the commandos “breaking the traditional pattern of the explosions detonated by remote control which followed 9/11 in Madrid and London.

In an international scenario marked by the “terrorist threat” rather than by direct action, the synchronized operation of Mumbai seemed to point to lay down the flank to a massive emotional “LIVE terrorism” embodied by visible executors.

Both Washington and the powers of the European Union have historically maintained constant complaints of “Islamic terrorist attacks” on implementation plans, but have not actually happened since July 7th, 2005, the date of the terrorist attack to the London subway.

Unlike the bombings, or “car-bomb,” where the perpetrators are anonymous, here executioners had presence and image of military organization, the “army of extermination,” rather than “terrorist in the shadows.”

The commandos of the “new terrorism” who acted in Mumbai were conducted as machines to exterminate, and showed a level of training equal to or greater than the elite corps of more sophisticated early imperial powers of the world.

The operation with “suicide commandos” was planned to detail and changed the traditional methodology of fast mass destruction (produced by a concentrated load of explosives), for a military tactic of progressive extermination to prolong the residual effect of the death, thus enhancing its media and psychological effect over time.

“They knew the distribution of hotel Taj Mahal and Trident / Oberoi that they attacked. Several members of the group of at least ten people were registered at the Taj in the weeks prior to the attack, collecting details about their plans and filmed some places. In a confrontation that lasted four to five hours, the attackers retreated through a door hidden in the hotel that the Indian Army did not know that existed, ” the Hindustan Times informed.

The commandos were trained to a high-flying action spectrum with “prolonged detention” of targets.

“Their backpacks were full of ammunition, six or seven chargers with 50 bullets each, and grenades. They carried satellite phones, credit cards and even snacks like nuts, suggesting that they expected that their work was going to take time,” said an expert quoted by Reuters.

Rather than the massive ammount of victims (typical of concentrated explosions), the operation revealed an intention to “prolong the act of terrorism” through a battle with many hours of execution of hostages and elongation of the outcome.

In this way, the “act of terrorism” became a form of “horror film” in a format of “suspense and drama” through the images and witnesses during more than 72 hours disrupted.

Major newspapers and international television networks (lease of the Empire) focused their attention and comments in the “unpublished” character of the terrorist action, with emphasis on the operational profile of a “new form of terrorism.”

The analysts stressed that the “extremists” appeared to have received elite training. A security expert told The Mail Today that the way in which one of the men was carrying his AK-47 in one hand showed that he had had months of preparation.

He also highlighted the high readiness in the realization of objectives: When the commandos entered their places of fencing with hostages, grenade destroyed the system of closed circuit television to avoid being detected in their movements.

It was also revealed a prior study of the theater: According to sources in the Indian-military intelligence revealed by international agencies – three commandos fought and resisted for two days to the best-trained elite forces of India in the labyrinth of corridors of the Taj, causing fires to switch from one sector to another.

Several local newspapers reported that the attackers had checked in at the Taj days or weeks before the attacks, while the Times of India reported that they had rented an apartment in the city a few months before pretending to be students.

On Friday, an army general said the gunmen appeared to be “very, very familiar” with the design of the hotel, which gave them a key advantage over its men.

“At times they equaled to us in combat and movements,” said a member of the elite forces to the Hindustan Times newspaper. “They were members of the Army or spent a long period of elite training,” added the high military leader.

The Indian special forces on Saturday completed operations to wipe out the commandos that barricaded themselves in the luxury Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai, ending three days of attacks against the financial heart of India.

The serial attacks in Mumbai, with operational commandos acting in the light of day, changed the profile and traditional patterns of “terrorists” operations as they have been known until now.

In view of the experience, the experts point out that in the operations of terrorism is very common that several infiltrate operating groups act together, without linking it with a cellular composition protected by the anonymity, but that respond to the achievement of the same “terrorist target” to prevent the real organizer and beneficiary to shown.

Obviously, no “official source” was questioned because these “Islamic commandos” acted with techniques and strategies of Western special forces.

For some specialists, the operation in the “financial capital” of India is clearly pointing to a passage of “anonymous terrorism” to a “military terrorism” carried out with techniques and special forces commandos and hostage-takings in the theater.

The new methodology (and its emerging slaughter in the so-called “Indian 9/11”) hit hard on Wall Street, the financial capital of the globalized planet.

“The devastating terrorist attacks on Wednesday near the Bombay Stock Exchange and in the most exclusive hotels in the city probably will threaten the dreams of this city to become an international financial capital,” said this Saturday The Wall Street Journal.

“For business travelers who often pass by Southeast Asia, attacks on two of the most prominent hotels in Mumbai raises a disturbing question: is there a safe place to stay?” the newspaper adds.

“Terror” already came to the psychology of “financial cathedral” of the imperial capitalist world.

As a concrete sign, Mumbai mark the arrival of a military line of “summary terrorist execution” that stands as a frame of reference to a “Indian 9/11” perfectly “exportable” to the financial metropolis in the U.S. and Europe.

And that’s the point!

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