The Coded Message from the Attacks in India

The logic behind a “terrorist-economic chaos”

The operation had all the ingredients to shake: synchronized attack with explosives and last generation automatic weapons, perpetrated by a highly trained commando against five star hotels in India and places where the cream of the cream of the policy and transnational business get together. First message: The “terrorism” is alive. Second message: The “terrorists” attacks the bastions of the world economy. Bottom line: The economy may collapse. Because of the crisis? No, because of “Islamic terrorism”.


The downtown area and tourist district of Bombay, the financial capital of India, became on Wednesday for several hours in a hell of screams, fights, blood and sirens of ambulances and patrol, after which several simultaneous and coordinated attacks with machine guns and hand grenades, impacted on various key locations in the city.

The “target” and the methodology of attack coincided with the massive destructive outcome achieved: More than 100 dead, over 250 injured and dozens of hostages taken by the attackers.

India is not surprised for being attacked by “terrorists” of this kind, but the experts agree: The latest in Bombay looks much more sophisticated and better coordinated than most of the attacks in recent years.

The kind of “targets” of the attack suggests that they try to undermine confidence in the local economy and ward off foreign investment point with emphasis some agencies without investigating or analyzing the “tracks” of the attack.

The first message (tacit), also bluntly, it seems no doubts: “Terrorism is alive.”

And, as has been happening since 9/11 to this day, the “international reaction” (actually reaction of governments and establishment of capitalist power in the world) was commissioned to make it clear that “terrorism” is a global threat that must be fought as number one priority.

From the White House to the European Union, the UN, passing through Russia and the governments of Asia, Africa and Latin America, “convictions” were unanimous and raised the need for greater coordination in the fight against “terrorist organizations”.



But, as in this level of sophisticated commando type of slaughter operations, carried out by “irregular” special forces “irregular” there is no fundamentalist “terrorist-religious” flour (as the system sold) but political objectives, we must begin to assess and investigate, as criminologists do in front of a homicide, in the potential “beneficiaries” of this “terrorist” attack.

Prime axiom for “terrorism” (since 9/11 and further back) to operate as a tool to achieve political objectives on a global scale: That the mass media of the system do not analyze (such as it happens) the causes, effects and beneficiaries of the “terrorist act.” When looking only at the “authors” (the executors) and not investigating the cause and effect (the political objective and the beneficiary) the “terrorist” act is reduced to an act of “irrational criminals.”

Example: Neither the authorities nor the international media are questioning what the political objective of the slaughter operation in India was. They just looking at the “author”, and he invariably appears (as always happens) emerged as Al Qaeda or some “Islamic fundamentalist organization” related.

The best raw material for “terrorism” to continue fulfilling its political objectives and manipulators is nobody questioning what is it for “terrorism” in the practical reality.

Thus was invented the ghost of Al-Qaeda/Bin Laden to generate “media terror” with a high return for the strategic policies of the U.S. and Europe and a high profile return to the military industry (of the “counterterrorism war”) today watered on a global budget of $1.2 billion.

So we have a first level of “use and benefit” of the slaughter in India: A global recycling of “counterterrorism plans” (of which all the armies and governments of the world participate) and a reaffirmation of the “war on terror” doctrine underpinned globally by the U.S. and Europe.

”Terrorism” is alive[/h3]

As well as a building needs “maintenance” to preserve its structure, the “Counter-terrorism war” needs of attacks and “threats” to maintain constant operation and its international mystical doctrinaire power.

As in the capitalist world there are no more wars and armed conflicts multiplied (except Afghanistan and Iraq), the military-industrial complexes and the weapons fill that selling weapons and technology of latest generation to “fight terrorism” worldwide.

“Terrorist” attacks (such as in India) that occur sequentially are intended to keep the machinery of the arms business and to preserve the “terrorist threat” as the main instrument of manipulation to achieve political and economic objectives.

”Terrorism” attacks the world economy[/h3]

But, analyzing the “target” for the attacks in India (five-star hotels to accommodate businessmen and representatives of the international economic establishment) is detected the pursuit of a second central goal: Sowing “terror” in the global economic power.

Bombay, apart from being the financial capital of India, is one of the most emblematic symbols of development of transnational capitalism in Asia. In the metropolises of India live together skyscrapers, technology and capitalist comfort of last generation contrasting with millions of human beings living and sleeping in the streets under the rain and rotten waste.

“Terrorism” in India (with regular attacks) is a sort of experimental module and a exportable “model” to the big cities of Europe and the USA.

The message on Wednesday: No entrepreneur or executive of transnational capitalism is vaccinated against a sudden “terrorist attack” anywhere in the world where you are. Al Qaeda and “Islamic terrorism” have a view on the economy: They look for “terrorist-economic-financial chaos” in the world.

Bin Laden, Al Qaeda and its subsidiary “Islamic organizations” can reverse the logic of the “danger”: The “terrorist tsunami” erased from the scene and shifted global attention to the “economic tsunami”.

The logic of “terrorist-economic chaos”[/h3]

Along with stock exchanges and financial markets, confidence collapsed in the “system”: The central powers have lost their “governance” and economic process is directed to a social and political crisis on a global scale.

There are economic chaos caused by a financial crisis that became a recessive crisis expanded both in the central countries and in emerging peripheral countries of the underdeveloped world.

What does the system need to divert the attention of the global recessionary crisis that threatens the survival of the capitalist profitability on a global scale?

What do the U.S., the European Union and their central banks need that have been failing regularly with all “injections of liquidity” and plans to “rescue” in the central metropolis?

What does Barack Obama and his Zionist team that controls him need to prevent the economic crisis ruins his presidential inauguration, and not to keep repeating the failures of the Bush operations and conservative Zionism with the “mega-bailouts?

Answer: They need to generate another “crisis”, induced and controlled, that stop and divert attention from the economic crisis out of control.

In that scenario, what is essentially the “terrorist” tool that reappeared on Wednesday in India for?

First, as a experimental module to divert the attention of a global capitalist unmanageable crisis, creating (through the “fear of terrorism”) am induced and controllable conflict that stops and distract attention from the real crisis.

The 9/11 in the U.S. detonated the fear of “social terrorism”, and the logic of “war on terror” that came later was used to justify new military invasions and the logic of a new “global enemy” that served to legitimize new conquests projects of capitalists and business markets around the globe.

From “social terrorism” to “economic terrorism”?[/h3]

That is the clearest trend (and sign) that the “terrorist” operation against India and its business and transnational capitalist power, as quoted by the international press as the “target” for the attack.

When you focus your eyes on this “detail”, the international press is marking at the same time the stage of the coming attacks and “terrorist threats” of Al Qaeda and Islamic fundamentalist organizations.

A financial 9/11? The logic and functional patterns of the CIA and European and American agencies towards “Islamic terrorism” say yes.



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