The End of Capitalism: Professions that will have to dissapear



I think nobody argues this, except the son of the mayor or baby Bush, they are parasites that are worthless, except to look for fame and take advantage of their charge to steal and abuse of citizens. The end of capitalism will put them where they belong. They have sunk in their own stench showing nothing but the weakness of the political system that has sunk in its own misery. Comunism, capitalism, right, left…they are all lies and the same. Senate and Congress, what useful thing is that for? Get out! Stop laughing at people. They will substituted by the wise Sadvipras and by citizen commitees or anyone that listens its heart and wants to be a politician save us for free or with lower wages. Make up your mind for revolutions.


They are the ones that lead above politicians. Thieves that turned this world in a prison. Banks will be small credit cooperative or state corporations.


The only function they have is to be biogenetists, aesthetic surgeons and traumatologists. The reminder are just a bunch of drug addicts prescribe drugs to all and everyone until they kill all human mankind by creating legions of people with AIDS or immunodeficient: not by the HIV, but by the antibiotics, corticoids and all that crap they prescribe. They are the main cause of death worldwide, as shown by Gary Null at Death by medicine.

Psychiatrists and Psycologist

They are one of the major dangers to society. I have seen myself how a very dear friend of mine turned nuts by medicating and medicine abuse. They are more of the same, killers that drug you or give you electroshock for dieseases they have invented as eschizophrenia, stress and depression. By giving you pills for this is like being with a pain in your balls and try to heal you by giving you a kick in your balls!.


Journalism as career is full of crap. Nobody needs to be a journalist. They lack of reliability, all the world is bleeding due to corruption and robbery by the Corporocracy, Bank, Mafia X and all those retardeds singing about the AIDS, the global warming. They give you the newspaper for free since they know they are full of crap. Free information on the internet and that’s all. Less and new media fed by real informants: counterjournalists. Official press agencies out!


Financial Analysts and Economists

They are receiving prizes and talking about econometry and Phillips curve while all the world around is starving to death crawling with the mortgage. Together with the global warming scientists, oncologists and AIDSlogists, they all represent the falsety of the corrupt science that is worth nothing except for stealing. The end of capitalism will show this people are part of the social falsety that killed the economy.

Aristocracy, Nobility, Non-govermental Organizations

(all thinktanks = brain eaters of the elite). The tale of the Illuminati Mafia X is over: 100,000 years stealing with lies that they descend from King Sun, passing untouchable laws to profit even more from us, like King Juan Carlos or the Brittish Corporation, the masters of the world. Anacronists, greedy and psycos. C’est fini!

Celebrities from the Star System, football players, baseball players, modists, millionaires and gay-designers, etc…

The poor average joe frustrated believes this people are people to follow and emulate. Well, then they are not. They are only a mirage of unhappiness and transitoriety. Sports are ok but without the astronomic salaries. Once Capitalism is dead with all their lies, mankind will discover values beyond materialism, like Ananda, that will turn them into superhumans. Ego and vanity fair, no, UNIVERSAL JUSTICE or sma samaj tattva, principle of maximum equality. The sadic Nature will do justice in a blink of an eye.


In the new age there won’t be any taxes or they will be low. Without politicians and banksters, without physical money, with hour-payment system, exchange and other new systems of remmuneration all the minimum needs will be covered for everyone. And those who more service do to society will be the ones that earns more like in Lemurian times.

Mafia X

Criminal mafia, jewish lobby and Vatican-religions (that are all the same). Eliminating physical money, all the bills earned thru crime will become worthless. In a more equalitarian world, with a more perfect environment, all crime will diminish. Their greed is over with the system, they illuminati psycopathy has no place in a world, where the main objective will no longer be to earn more money and steal, but an economy for the expansion of the mind and self-realization, walking all mankind at the same time to the Omega point or Final Fussion.



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