The outcome: Hamas, Israel and the final scenario.

Now the dead define

We have already said (and we warned before it happened): Israel is tired of killing alone, Israel defeated itself, and now has a problem: escape from Gaza with a simulated victory. But it is in a dilemma of difficult decision: Hamas closed the door for a “victorious” withdrawal, and its tanks and soldiers should sleep for a while within the cemetery they built. Now, the dead define.


Slowly, and repeating the sam compulsive behavior of Lebanon in 2006, Israel got into the trap again, now in Gaza and now Israel can not leave, except as defeated.

And the strangest thing: Israel lost the war almost with no enemy in front.

More than for Hamas (which fought and gave the least running a clever tactic of psychological attrition) Israel was defeated by the action-reaction of their own criminal dynamics that turned into a boomerang for Israel.

With a “liberated zone” protected by the willful inaction and complicity of major powers, with its military operation of extermination of civilians made up as a “war” against Hamas in the media and the big networks of the system, and while on Saturday theThere are three main points which impel:y murdered the last children in a school of the UN, alone, only accompanied and supported by Jewish communities around the world, and the widespread rejection of the rest of the planet that large networks can no longer hide, the genocides and bureaucrats of the Jewish State just declared a “unilateral ceasefire” to disguise their defeat and to comply with the “agenda” in Washington.

There are three main points which impel:

A) Stop the killing, to not continue growing international pressure and the diaspora of crisis and internal division caused by the lack of results (in more than 20 days of military slaughter that could not achieve its goals).

B) Disguise Israel’s impotence, implementing a ceasefire and to maintain its troops and tanks deployed in the theater showing that they “exercise control” over Gaza.

C) Enable Obama (tightly controlled by the Jewish lobby) to assume without the disturbing choreography of the slaughter in Gaza last Tuesday in Washington, the imperial center of the Zionist motherland controlling the world from Wall Street, the Fed and the Military Industrial Complex.

Our prediction was met (See: [url=]Israel is in Trouble, They Cannot Leave Gaza: 3 Exit Alternatives) Having failed to achieve military objectives of the Plan A (to reduce the political-military structure of Hamas and end their arsenals and rocket launchers), the senior Israeli now seeks two objectives:

1) Disguise their defeat with a “victory” in terms of diplomacy.

2) To encourage with the help of the U.S. and the EU a diplomat Plan B at the Security Council of the UN to try to isolate and “disarm” Hamas, as tried unsuccessfully with Hezbollah in Lebanon, 2006.

The aim of the operation “Cast Lead”


The human tragedy (muted and distorted by the big powers and the media) unleashed by the Israeli military extermination in Gaza is not defined in a scenario, but on three simultaneous stages: A) The military slaughter of civilians, B) The humanitarian tragedy by the blockade, C) The asymmetric war between Israel and Hamas.

These three scenarios were used by Israel as a tool of war to put pressure on Hamas and force it to complete the two core strategic goals of “Operation Cast Lead”: The signing of a ceasefire and a lasting settlement that ensures the end of rocket attacks on Israeli cities.

Contrary to popular belief, the operation “Cast Lead” never intended as a central goal the total destruction of Hamas and the overthrow of its government.

As is known, Gaza is part of a board whose geopolitical strategic outcome is defined by an inevitable confrontation of the Islamic axis of Iran-Syria-Lebanon-Gaza with the Israel-U.S.-EU pole at the scene of the “cold war” of Russia with the USA, and with the strategic resources of petroleum and energy as a backdrop.

In this context, the destruction of Hamas and Hezbollah, and their respective political and military structure, is a top goal that the USA-Israel Zionist axis has in addition to their inescapable tactical potential military operations against Iran and Syria in the Middle East.

The war against “Islamic terrorism” of Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, is above all a war for the redefinition of the Zionist power (regent of the global capitalist system) in the Middle East, and that has the survival of the State of Israel as one of its central objectives.

But the Zionist strategy is stepwise and the total destruction of Hamas at this stage would involve three steps that Israel is not willing to: A) Occupy Gaza territory, B) take over its administration and C) contain the social outbreak with chaos and infighting that Hamas disappearance from the scene would cause.

Israel is a military superpower that relies its actions at the operational deployment and ability to attack with its mighty air force, but lacks of a structure for territorial occupation that would take a permanent deployment of troops and military logistics. ”It would be like creating an Iraq for ourselves” say the Jewish hawks.

Accordingly, and as a strategic background, “Operation Cast Lead” never suggested the complete destruction of Hamas, but the weakening of its military structure for a more functional scenario favorable to the objectives of political and military Israeli control in the region.

The defeat (the boomerang effect of the slaughter)


Strategically, Israel and the operation “Cast Lead” failed.

Increasingly pressured by the political costs of the slaughter, by the resistance of Hamas to sign a truce as if Hamas was “defeated” and a more defined international front of boycott against Israel, the high command decided, on Saturday, declare a unilateral truce with retention of its troops in Gaza that would allow the new imperial manager of the USA, Barack Obama, to celebrate with no clouds to hold his great celebration of inauguration in Washington.

After a military operation of extermination during 21 consecutive days they killed 1100 Palestinians, injuring another 5000, ended the lives of nearly 400 children, injured over 1200, killing nearly 200 women, shattered by more than 70% Gaza’s infrastructure, deepened to unprecedented levels the humanitarian disaster of that people, to Israel is very difficult to explain to the world that all this slaughter and destruction was committed only to “defend itself against terrorism.”

Finally, on the edge of a truce that was being negotiated (unsuccessfully) with the mediation of Egypt, several governments at different latitudes of the planet, have decided from ending all diplomatic relations with Israel to different tactics of isolation and boycott against the Jewish State.

Accordingly, Israel decided to begin the withdrawal (disguised as “unilateral truce) before their ambassadors begin to be expelled massively, and their embassies, companies and banks begin to be surrounded by crowds demanding an end to the slaughter in Gaza.

Tactically, the “encirclement” of Israel ended, when Hamas conditioned the truce on an immediate withdrawal and the lifting of Israeli blockade on all border crossings.

Last Saturday, the leader of Hamas in Lebanon, Osama Hamdan, said that as long as the occupation continues, and while Israel unilaterally suspend the fire in the Palestinian Gaza Strip, the fight will continue.

”The battle is not over and will not end with the cessation of the aggression (Israeli), but with the end of the occupation,” Hamdan said at the “Forum to support the resistance”, involving representatives from all over the world and which opened yesterday at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut.

Israel by now trapped in the mousetrap in Gaza with their tanks and soldiers surrounded by the bodies laid in their path, and with the only option to continue to kill and generating more international pressure against, Israel unilaterally suspended the operation “Cast Lead” awaiting for its sponsors of the USA and the European Union to come in its rescue with a Plan B that allows a diplomat rapid withdrawal of the crime scene.

Beyond that decision: Hamas is still standing and the Palestinian rockets continued to fall until last Saturday at Israeli territory.

According to the basic manuals of war, when a military operation fails to achieve its strategic objectives, the attacker enters the tactical ground of defeat. Israel is defeated.

In this instance we find Israel, although Israel expands and disguises the final scenario. Israel final destiny will be defined by the dead, not the living.



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