US Food And Drug Industries Exposed As Genocidal Killers

Scientists tell us that if we give our bodies the nutrition, water, sunlight, exercise and rest they’re designed to use, they should be good for 150 years. We’re only averaging half that, so we’re really screwing up. Most of us are screwing up on all five requirements.

How often do you sleep for eight hours, and in total darkness and quiet?

How often to you get out for at least a couple miles of fast walking?

Is it a news flash to you that your skin and eyes need to be exposed to the sun…and not through your car windows?

There’s no way you’re drinking the six to eight glasses of pure water every day that your body needs. Nutrition is where we are really doing a job on our bodies. We happily stuff in poisons like sugar, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, aspartame, and, by far the most insidious, cooked food.


When our body design was firmed up we were eating raw food. And that includes meat. I learned about that when I read [url=]Dr. Bruno Comby´s Maximize Immunity . He points out that in dog and cat research, those fed cooked food only lived about half as long as those eating raw food. Not being stupid, Dr. Comby started putting his patients on raw food diets…and curing them of cancer, AIDS, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and so on, He could find NO incurable illnesses.

Then I heard [url=]Dr. Lorraine Day on the radio explaining that she was days from death from cancer when she changed to raw food and totally cured herself. She, too, now says, “There are NO incurable illnesses.” You can read all about it, plus many details, in my [url=]Secret Guide to Health.

Once you change over to a raw food diet, drink enough pure water, exercise out in the sun, and get enough sleep, any illness you have, no matter how supposedly incurable, will go away and you’ll never get sick again. The gift of health. There is no greater gift.


The downside is that if we can start convincing others to go raw, we could put the pharmaceutical industry out of business, and need doctors and hospitals mainly for emergencies. You see, medical schools don’t teach doctors about what makes us sick, only how to treat the symptoms. Oh, check [url=]Dr. Mercola, too. He’s eating 90% raw now.

If a solar flare, pole shift, a few nukes lobbed at us, or terrorists take down the power grid, its lights out. The gas pumps will stop working, and so will cars and trucks…and our food supply will stop. That’s when you’re going to be thankful you’ve a garden growing your food.

And doing it organically, plus remineralizing it with rock dust. And it won’t hurt to have some solar and/or wind power to keep your fridge and freezer going.

Even more likely is a stock market crash, with bread lines and soup kitchens as millions of people are out of work and their families hungry.

I was only seven in 1929, but I still remember the panic. And that depression kept going until World War II pulled us out of it. Now, with nuclear weapons, we can’t do that again. Luckily, my dad was in the airline business, which was just getting started, so he did okay.

That’s how I happened to be a passenger on the first airline flight between Philadelphia and New York in 1928. Newark airport had a cinder landing strip and a terminal the size of a mobile home.

It’s your choice. You can continue to eat the standard American diet, with a 50% chance of giving yourself cancer, and find yourself unprepared when things crash. Remember, we’ve moved most of our manufacturing to Asia, so as a country we are not making many products.

We’re buying Japanese cars and electronics, and Chinese melamine…and everything else. We really can’t continue to make money as a country just by printing it. Maybe it’s time for you to invest in some gardening books and a whole bunch of non-GMO heritage seeds. I’d like to see our schools encourage the students to start gardens, and if the families don’t have any garden space, for the communities or schools to help the kids find some land within bicycling distance.

If the government crashes, there goes welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, subsidies, bail-outs, a thousand or so earmarks, the war on drugs, the war on poverty, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and millions of government workers (I’m using the term workers loosely). The only main survivor will be Congress´ generous retirement plan for themselves.

Safe food to eat could be hard to find, with so much of America’s farmland now devoted to growing GMO corn to make alcohol and the rest to factory-feed beef. The mineral-depleted, chemical fertilizer-poisoned farms aren’t going to be able to raise edible cabbages and spinach for us. With the dollar defunct, we won’t be able import much food either. What a terrible time to live in a city!

On the other hand, I’m sure Obama will fix everything, so no real need to worry. We can keep eating burgers and fries, and budgeting $7,350 per household member for so-called health care per year.

Yeah, make it a diet cola with that.



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