Why Israel has already lost the war in the Gaza trap as in Lebanon in 2006

First conclusion after 12 days of military extermination by air and ground in Gaza: Israel could not achieve its maximum goals in Gaza: Kill or imprison Hamas leaders and destroy the operational infrastructure for launching rockets to Israeli cities near Palestinian border.


Completed both phases of the operation “Cast Lead” (first by air and by land later), that so far caused 650 deaths (one third women and children), 3200 wounded and more than 70% of the administrative Government infrastructure destroyed, the political-military apparatus of Hamas continues to operate and fighting from hiding and Palestinian rockets continue to fall on Israel, even expanding its reach capacity.

Officially, the Israeli military and political leadership headed by Olmert acknowledged on Tuesday that neither the air nor the ground operation, then the two combined, had achieved to end the armed resistance of Hamas or the Palestinian rocket launchments.

A) The “asymmetric warfare”[/h3]

On Saturday, January 3, after five consecutive days of bombings and more than 350 dead, Israel decided to invade Gaza by land with the aim of wiping out Hamas military bunkers and rocket launching infrastructure, mission which had already failed with air operations.

A contingent of 10,000 troops, including elite forces and intelligence, with a coverage of powerful air and naval fire, entered and divided Gaza into three areas to isolate and cut the logistics and communications system and operations of Hamas and other organizations of the Palestinian resistance.

As in Lebanon 2006, the comparison was made in terms of an “asymmetric war” between a nuclear superpower and a guerrilla force infinitely less equiped in logistics and technological fire power.

It was the war of a lion against a mouse, where B16 fighter-bombers, Apache and Cobra helicopters, missiles and cluster bombs, tanks and missile batteries of last generation fought (and continue to fight) against Kalashnikov rifles, RPG , mortars and anti-tank guns.

Israel attacked in compact front of military invasion and Hamas raised its defense in a guerrilla war. The battle scenario consists of a small strip of land of 360 km2 “locked” between the Mediterranean Sea, the territory of Israel and a border with Egypt, 11 km (an ally of Israel).


The fighting began to develop in a overcrowded territory where almost one and a half million Palestinians live unable to escape and are now without food, no electricity, no fuel, no medicines and in state of humanitarian catastrophe, according to the UN.

As for the mode of fighting: Israel bombs (from the sea, air and land) Hamas positions within civilian populations, with artillery fire and missiles to “clear the area” and then move on its commandos to their targets, while Hamas resistance attack flanks of Israeli columns by “surprise” and then disappear.

In the middle, the “collateral victims” of the civilian population subjected to massive Gaza crossfire of Israeli tanks, aircraft and batteries to “to clear the area” for the advancement of their troops in overcrowded urban areas.

In this “asymmetric warfare” against the clock, the objectives are different: Israel wants to destroy the largest number of Palestinian missile launchment platforms before decrete a “ceasefire” in the UN (which is already being operated by U.S. and EU to allow a “honorable” withdrawal of Israel) and Hamas seeks to capture or kill as many Israeli troops to provide to the Jewish state a “moral defeat” so the entire world can see it.

B) The tactics of the mouse[/h3]

Hamas chose a fighting tacti that Israel can not overcome: The guerrilla war in an urban area of high concentration of civilian population, where Jewish tanks and armored units have little room to move and operate, and where their fire power (prepared for wars in open spaces) cause more civilian casualties than those of resistance fighters.

Disguised among the civilian population covered in the knowledge of every piece of land in their territory resistance troops present no fixed positions, but since the start of the Israeli ground invasion last Saturday, they appear, attack with mortars and grenades the Jewish troops and armored units and then they disappear without a trace.

Hamas dynamics does not meet any operational patterns, they have a great capacity for mobility, are decentralized, appear, disappear, attack and run away with great ease, and for the American and Jewish intelligence services working in the area Hamas troops become very difficult to detect in the combat zone.

Common are also, according to observers, the car bombs and sniper fire to complicate the advance of tanks and armored equipment.

According to Arab media, the hideouts in the overpopulated Gaza City encourages such aggressive tactics and save the life of Palestinian troops.

Moreover, Hamas fortified preventively (with the help from Iran and Hezbollah) their defensive strategy with secret passages and tunnels that the Israeli military intelligence failed to detect in its task of infiltration among Islamic groups.

Hamas, the experts say, after ejecting Abbas and his Fatah armed organization from the Strip, not only remained in control of their arsenals, but also boosted its defense capabilities by drawing on the experience and advice of the Hezbollah resistance who fought the Israeli tanks and troops in southern Lebanon.

That gave them enough time to plan a mouse war against the lion in Gaza.

C) The mousetrap[/h3]

Twelve days after its initiation, and without any advance in their goals, the so-called “Cast Lead Operation” clearly already begun to melt in Gaza, and as the hours pass the destructive Jewish missiles that are killing civilians and children in an indiscriminate and massive way start (as in Lebanon, 2006) to produce multiple effects.

Proportionally, given the lack of political results of the Israeli military extermination, Hamas prestige in the Arab-Islamic world is increasing (as happened with Hezbollah in Lebanon)

Inside Israel, a divisive diaspora is being lived where social and political perceptions of failure produce fightings in the Israeli government and a growing state of panic and confusion in the towns and cities including the capital Tel Aviv.

Outwards, in a globalized world and leveled by indifference and individualism, the Israeli serial slaughter in Gaza begins to leave a growing sense of “Jewish murderers” that breaks into the psychology of mass-man, however, that the Zionist media channels smartly hide the dead bodies and the testimony of the Palestinian victims.

Inside the Islamic world, the “growing anger” is accompanied by an increasingly pronounced belief that “together we are more” to defeat the universal Zionism cathedral located in the Middle East.


The Palestinian holocaust so far only served to demonstrate to a indifferent world the psyco-military brutality of the Zionist imperial power that made the Holocaust the legend for their own historic victimization.

The demolition of Gaza (as happened in Lebanon yesterday) so far only served to irrigate with blood, death and mutilation of thousands of Palestinians, another Jewish genocidal adventure for political and military control of the Gaza Strip. With very bad news: The Israeli government is in elections period (new authorities are elected in February) and this situation enhances the military failure with crisis and internal divisions.

The arithmetic is simple: If Israel does not end quickly with Hamas and its rockets that terrorized the Israeli border villages and towns, the strategy that guides the slaughter will begin to disintegrate (as in Lebanon, 2006) and its First Class military supremacy in the Middle East will enter a process of erosion and loss of international credibility.

D) The human factor[/h3]

In this scenario, a twelve-day military slaughter that killed over 650 Palestinians, wounded and mutilated to 3200, demolished the poor infrastructure in Gaza, and that on Tuesday led to a massive genocide of children and civilians with attacks on schools and hospitals, Israel has only two options: continue to kill or negotiate (as in Lebanon) a “honorable” withdrawal for its troops.

Gaza, a strip of land 45Km long and 8 km wide, is inhabited by one and a half million Palestinians in a state of humanitarian catastrophe, with no food, no electricity, no fuel and with the health system collapsing.

Gaza is plagued by two kinds of death: The Israeli missiles and the humanitarian catastrophe. For one and a half million Palestinians in the concentration camp death comes from the sky, land and borders closed by the Jewish criminal blockade.

Almost nothing remains that survive: no electricity, no water, no food and no shelter possible against the Israeli missiles and cluster bombs fired day and night from aircraft, ships, tanks and ground batteries.

Gaza is not a conventional battlefield, but a crossover excersise of “pigeon shooting” against one and a half million people, for whom the only available light is produced by the multicolored flashes of Israeli missiles and bombs.

In this area of combat and slaughter, planted increasingly with dead civilians, the strategy of Hamas is fedback with hatred to the Jewish invader who generates the killing of civilians, increasingly bringing consensus and solidarity with the Hamas fighters among the population living in terror and panic.

In terms as it stands, the Israeli military operation in Gaza is a war against one and a half million Palestinians in a state of despair, which converts every home in an arsenal and every inhabitant in a “moving bomb” ready to be thrown against the Jewish invading troops.

And in the field of statistics and possibilities, and according to the scenario in the battlefield, the psychopaths Zionists hawks in Tel Aviv can only win this war wiping out the majority of the people of Gaza with waves of endless missiles and smart bombs thrown during the 24 hours to turn the Strip of 360 km2 in a large crater.

Israel could win this war if used to all extent the fire power of its aircraft, ships launchers, helicopters and armored vehicles to demolish systematically, inch by inch, the clusters of civilian houses under or inside of which are the hideouts and secret underground passageways that shelter arsenals of Hamas and provide shelter to its fighters.

A very unlikely criminal option, and not by lack of political will from the genocidal serial killers in Tel Aviv, but for the action against them that will generate domestically and internationally, and that could finish in one stroke with the legend of the Holocaust that protects continuously Israel of crimes against humanity in the Middle East.

Accordingly, in Gaza, and in terms of concrete results in reality, Israel has already lost its war of military invasion with mass genocide of civilians included.

The human factor won against Israel. A force against which no imperial army in the world won.

Accordingly, the strategy and objectives that guided the military operation “Melt Lead” is sinking in the trap of Gaza, and must be replaced immediately by a diplomatic Plan B that saves Israel from the fire and restart a new process “in other ways.”

A diplomatic operation that – as in Lebanon with Hezbollah – replaces the failed slaughter of the military Plan A.

At this moment, both the U.S and the European Union are in those paths whose imperial destiny is to protect the survival of Israel, the homeland of the Zionist capitalist system that turned the planet into a vast consumer society and the human being in a microchip terminal of the Jewish ideology leveled as “only world possible”.

About this Plan B we are going to talk about in the next phase of this war against humanity.



Rabbi Against Israel Zionism



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