Why the auto-attacks in Mumbai and 9/11 were a ritual sacrifice for the Zionist Illuminati with MK-Ultra zombies

New Auto-Attack from the Jewish lobby-CIA-Mossad-ISI-MI6

A total false flag case again. The shooting attack in Mumbai began in the Nariman House, the only building in Bombay owned by Israelis. It is an anomalous kind guerrilla attack, with the entry of boats from a mother ship (more typical of military trained by CIA-Mossad terrorists than from Afghanistan) with hardly any parallel or similar references, such as the Spanish 9/11 perpetrated by the MI6-Mossad-CIA and ISI (Pakistani secret services) to divert attention from the global economic collapse and create a new threat to the mandate of the Zionist Obama.


Woodward (the journalist paid by the Zionists who discovered that Nixon Watergate scandal) has warned of such attacks before the elections (like the one at Marriot Hotel) designed to frighten the civilian population and the U.S. and British foreigners in a town and luxury hotels believed to secure so far. The video of the author is claiming to be the same stupid fake video of the Moroccan Islamist’s 5/11 in Spain. The photos show the terrorists were Zionist mercenaries “Jews of pale face or Pakistani” (by ethnicity and traits), which already attempted recently against the corrupt Ali Bhuto who was going to reveal details about the farce of the non-existent Al-qaeda, apart from infighting between them (Zionists). India is already a key strategic area and in the future, as the next global power with China and the cradle of Prout (alternative theory to capitalism) and the Zeitgeist Revolution approaching.

It is curious that everything is happening in the Zionist jew neighborhood of Bombay, one of the key financial centers in Asia and that a Bilderberg member as Espe Aguirre is there to bear witness to all the facts and repeat every stupidity mainstrem media repeated every few days to the sheople “With the global depression, we had forgotten that we have a bigger problem: the terrorism of Al-qaeda.”



As in the suspicious ETA attacks in Spain and others from Al-Qaeda everyone is now distracted speculating on the Islamist threat without seeing that the real threat is Obama – who approved (better to say that he had accepted) the attack immediately on arrival to power in his first meeting with the CIA – and his masters of the Jewish lobby. Zionists speculated if make the attack before the elections as Woodward said, but declined for thinking that this could favor the Republican Party and for other reasons in their agenda. It also preferred to attack outside the U.S. to divert.

World Exclusive!: Zionists are in preparation of atomic bombings and other attacks of satanic nature

The Pentagon is already suggesting that situation for 2011, so be warned from now. [url=http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/11/30/AR2008113002217.html?nav=hcmodule]Click here to read

With the arrival of this Obama puppet and viewing the dimensions of the Depression and End of Capitalism – Total bankruptcy is real, but it is hidden and the agony maintained- Zionist have decided to start a new stage of actions with a series of attacks that will be exported from India to the Western world. Indian media accuse directly to Pakistan. Among those killed or wounded Israelis are not included. The conclusion is that the world is not safe because of the danger of terrorism and the war on terror and money MUST FOLLOW … and again that we have a bigger problem to the collapse of the global economy: a turban with Moors who attacked India without any reason.

The Smiling Terrorists are Robots Programmed by the MK-Ultra of the CIA

Look at the faces of the terrorists: Pakistani and smiling. Mercenaries are clearly recruited by the CIA-Zionist Mafia-ISI, under mind control programs MK-Ultra and trained to kill as if they were participating in a video game:

With Boy Scout clothes, so happy as if he was going in a tour


The Terrorist walks so quiet: this guy programmed as a zombie-robot for MK-Ultra mind control program of the CIA-Mossad. Look at him how brainwashed he is joywalking as in a tour.

The Real Threat to the World is NOT Al-Qaeda, but Zionism, the U.S. government and the United Nations


They are the Same Family United by the Carlyle Group


The text says that in 2003 Bush said about Bin Laden: “I do not know where he is, you know, I just don’t spend that much time on him … I repeat, I do not know where he is. I don’t give a damn about him…. ” But in 2006 he said: “When I said that he is going to hurt the American people again or he is going to try, he means that, I take it seriously and the people of NSA (National Security Agency), too. Bushladen was connected to the family of Osama through the Carlyle group, in fact, they are all from the same family. Bin Laden is a CIA agent.

9/11 auto-attack was a fake. An attack by the Zionist Iluminati. A Masonic ritual sacrifice in which destroyed the two Illuminati towers of the old order, Joachim and Boas to establish the new world order. No plane hit the Pentagon. The Islamists have no technology to make an attack of this type and – most importantly – have been unable to ATTACK IN THE SAME WAY. Everything is false, the hijackers who died, the inability to handle an aircraft of this type to inexperienced aviators of small planes. The experts have concluded that demolition was a self-control, the security chief was the brother of Bush.

A plane doesn’t fit in the Pentagon’s gap


1. The cruising speed of a Boeing is around 900 km/h. To give a target of only five flats, like the Pentagon, or at one with a reduced width as that of the Twin Towers, it is necessary to have vast experience of professional pilots. Otherwise, the possibility of failing to target is as high as by hundred of meters.

The three planes hit the target. However, the pilots Mohamed Atta, Hani Hanjour and Marwanal AlShehhi could not even fly planes. In the case of Hanjour, the airline academy where he took the course noted that he was unable to fly a Cessna 172. Despite this, the terrorists took command of Boeings 757 and 767, much more sophisticated fly.

The press reports were aware that in the vicinity of Logan Airport in Boston, a copy of the Koran appeared along with a manual for flying Boeings, the same day that the planes were allegedly kidnapped. It was also reported that terrorists had taken driving lessons in small planes in the state of Florida, governed by the brother of George W. Bush, and that would have interrupted the courses before learning to land.

2. The official history also shows that 19 citizens of mostly Saudi nationals boarded the four planes prepared to sacrifice themselves using as the only weapon plastic knives served in flight snacks to kidnap the planes. With these weapons, fell all the crew, took command of the ship and crashed into the target, producing a maximum destructive effect.

3. For a long time, there was no document on film for the attack on the Pentagon. However, being a military target, is speculated to the existence of a large number of cameras in the vicinity of it. Pressed by the appearance of the books. The terrible imposture and Pentagate, by Thierry Meyssan, the U.S. government finally issued a short film to which they cut off the scenes that could had been useful to see what kind of object hit the Pentagon. In sum, only the Pentagon is seen before the attack take place and when its walls explode.

4. The object that hit the Pentagon did so horizontally. If it had been the American Airlines Flight 77, it would have required a 270° turn and a drop of 7,000 feet, flying at 500 miles per hour. To be able to approach the Pentagon in a horizontal manner, to maximize the damage that occurs when the building would have been necessary to flush a flight, avoiding power lines abundant in the area. The distance between these two poles of electrical lines is less than the width of a Boeing. Not only would have needed a professional pilot, but a military one.

5. The Pentagon’s list of dead provided by CNN shows that the areas attacked were the Budget and Communications.



6. To bring down the Twin Towers with the impact of an aircraft, it would have been necessary to melt the internal structure of steel, as the official explanation suggested. Steel has its early problems in its structure when it reaches 550 ° C. The aircraft fuel does not exceed 360 ° C when burned.

7. If you remember, it will be recalled that the south tower was hit at 9:03 a.m., 18 minutes after something hit in the north tower. However, the south tower collapses first. The impact in the north tower was almost exactly in the center. In contrast, the impact on the other tower was at an angle, so it is presumed that damage suffered by the internal structure of the building was much smaller. A large amount of fuel the plane that hit the south tower was consumed immediately in the blast that was heard, so it does not explain the structure has collapsed first.

8. The type of collapse both towers suffered is usual in controlled demolitions. There is no explanation of how the upper floors to the impacts of the planes did not fall in bulk or in a fragmented way. In the film records, those upper floors were dashed.

9. The testimony of survivors and firefighters who heard explosions in the lower floors instead of the impact of the planes was quickly removed from the media.

10. The company that arrived first on the scene is curiously the same contractor who first arrived in Oklahoma where, according to the official explanation, Timothy McVeigh, a lonely hermit, brought a large quantity of explosives, placed carefully in the Murrah Building, he detonated the building and escaped on foot, causing the deaths of hundreds of people. What is the name of that company? Controlled Demolition Inc..

11. Controlled Demolition Inc.. sold to small businesses immediately scrap steel from the remains of the structures of the Twin Towers, which in turn exported those remains very rapidly to China and Korea, making it impossible to carry out forensic that could detect explosives, the remains of the aircraft and the real state of the internal structure of the towers.

12. The kind of (clean) demolition of the two towers, which affects only a very small part of the zone boundaries, is common in controlled demolition processes, and highly unusual in those produced by impacts such as those of aircrafts. In the latter case, if eventually falling buildings, they would do so irregularly and asymmetrically, something that did not happen. Not even on foot was found a part of the metal structure inside the buildings, which would have been expected if the official version was true, that happened in both towers.

13. The Twin Towers were designed to bear the impact of Boeing 757 and 767, as the ones impated both structures. And would have been unusual for one of the two had fallen. But the two collapsed.

14. President George W. Bush said on Dec. 4, 2001, which can be found at the official site for the White House, the following at a press conference:

“Question: (…) How did you feel when you heard the news about the attack?

The President: Thank you, Jordan. Well, Jordan, you would not believe the state I was when I heard about the terrorist attack. I was in Florida. And my chief of staff, Andy Card, in fact, I was in a classroom talking about a reading program that works well. I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go and I saw an airplane hit the tower, the TV was obviously on. And I used to fly, myself, and I said: ‘Well, what lousy pilot. ” I thought: “It must have been a horrible accident.” But I was surprised, and I did not have much time to think about the topic. And I was sitting in class, and Andy Card, my chief of staff, who are sitting here with me, came in and said: ‘A second plane hit the tower. America is under attack ‘. ”

ATTENTION !!!!!: Bush Knew Details of the Attacks Before TV Mentioned Something about it

Americans Fellows Will You Continue Slept, Masturbating yourselves in your Consumerism Comfort without Awakening to these real facts???

On January 5, 2002, Bush again refer to the Town Hall of California to the fact as follows:

”Question: What was the first thing that went through your head when you heard that a plane crashed on the first tower?

The President: Yes, well. I was sitting at a school in Florida. I had gone there to tell my little brother what to do, and – I’m just joking, Jeb (laughs) – that is my mother inside me (laughs). However, the issue was to learn about a reading program that works well. I am a great believer in primary education, and it starts when we are sure that every child learns to read. Therefore, we need to put the focus on the science of reading, in what does not feel good or what sounds good when it comes to teaching children to read. (Applause.) I’m trying to run my initiative on the reading.

Anyway, I was sitting there, and my chief of staff-well, first of all, when entering the classroom I saw the plane fall within the first building. There was a TV on. And you know, I thought it was a mistake of the pilot, and I am surprised that someone could commit such a terrible mistake. And there was something wrong with the plane, or (…) anyway, I was sitting there, listening to the report, and Andy Card came in and said: “America is under attack.”

Twice, then, President Bush referred to the first attack on the towers. However, no chain, public or private, television, large, medium or small, broadcast live on the first attempt.

How did Bush see the first to hit the towers? Until two years later, there would only be a record film – and for worse, a amateur one – of the first impact.

In that recording, made by two French brothers who happened to be filming a documentary on firefighters in Lower Manhattan, you see only the plane and a half seconds before impact in the towers. Obviously, no TV channel was open or cable broadcast live on the first tower hit.

Neither was there any deferred transmission that does not come from the record almost filmic “amateur” from the Naudet brothers. The most important and central of all is that George W. Bush was “sold” himself all alone, without anyone interrogated so inquisitive, twice, about what he saw in the first attack: he had no reason to lie, but if you saw him, it means that you passed the attack by closed circuit television, and only admitted to the school where he once was expecting certain that the operation had been successful. At that school in Miami, President Bush was with his head somewhere else as explained clearly by the photos, which shows how he reads a school book upside down.

15. In the days before the attacks, especially between 6 and Sept. 7, there was a large and unusual activity in Wall Street with options for the sale of shares of American Airlines and United Airlines.

In the case of American Airlines, were negotiated as many as 4744 sales contracts from the usual 300 per day. This information appeared in a lot of media.

It also said that there would be an inquiry, which would have led to easily detect who knew it was going to carry out the attacks. Financial transactions were conducted at the Deutsche Bank / ABBrown.

It was never revealed who was the one who bought those stock options. What is known is that until 1998, the Deutsche Bank / ABBrown was led by AB “Buzzy” Krongard, since then executive director of the CIA.

Taken from the book of the Argentine economist Walter Graziano (2005) “Hitler won the war”. This book confirms my theory that an Zionist Mafia elite from secret dominates us forever, with or without Hitler: they are all factions of the same goal.


It was never made a Terrorist Attack with boats and a mothership: This demonstrate a CIA-IS-Mossad-MI5 kind of infrastructure, all coordinated by the Zionists strategic psychopaths of the Illuminati Elite.




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