‘With a Clinton Flavor’: Zionist Jews are now a crowd in Obama’s cabinet

The names (and characters) appointed by Obama to occupy the key decision positions at the White House and relevant positions in the team of strategists, are becoming an historical novel revealing the composition of purely “Jewish-Zionist” of USA Imperial power that so far was being concealed by a false alternating between Democrats and Republicans in the management of imperial Washington.


What a surprise is going to bring to a part of the American electorate when they discover that instead of a black (actually mulatto) voted in a white blond that has nothing to do with the “historic change” promised in the campaign, but everything contrary.

The reality is stark: Most of the officials who will integrate the cabinet of Obama are renowned operators of Jewish Zionist Financial lobby of New York and belonged to the government of former president Bill Clinton.

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By this time, the exclusive “Clintonian” membership of Obama’s Team already sounds like a scandal in the circles of power in Washington, although the U.S. press is playing as “disengaged” of these events and prefers to talk about the “challenge” that must deal the elected president with the recession and financial crisis.

With a Clinton Flavor

When seeping slowly the list of members of the governing team of president-elect of the U.S., Barack Obama, is found almost all the nominees have a relationship with the administration of former president Bill Clinton. (1993-2001), says BBC UK chain, the first international new service that points that the future presidency of Obama as a “recycling” of the “Clinton” era.


The formation of the government team of Barack Obama is already perceived in plants and in the centers of American power as a “return” of the former Clinton administration that ruled the U.S. during two periods crucially identified with the financial “bubble” and expansion of “free trade” on a global scale.

“From the chief of staff of Obama, Rahm Emanuel, a former adviser to the White House during the last Democrat term, to the same ex-first lady and senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, nominated to be Secretary of State, most Obama’s dream team has a Bill Clinton stamped in their political careers,” says the BBC.

Eric Holder was sub-secretary of Justice under Bill Clinton, Larry Summers as Treasury secretary operated under the same president and now is part of Obama’s economic clan. John Podesta, the director of his transition team, he was chief of staff of the White House and adviser to Clinton for more than a decade, points out the news network.

Bill Richardson, energy secretary and ambassador to the United Nations in the Clinton administration, is also under consideration for the position of Secretary of Commerce.

Janet Napolitano (a Zionist pro-Israel from the lineage of Nancy Pelosi, the chairman of the House of Representatives), governor of Arizona, possible replacement for Michael Chertoff at the Department of Homeland Security, was appointed by Clinton to her first political position in 1993 and Greg Craig, next attorney for the White House, successfully defended the ex-president during impeachment process by the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

One of the main advisers of Clinton, David Axelrod, will occupy the same position that had until a few months ago Karl Rove in the Republican administration and for which he was nicknamed the “brain” of Bush.

At a news conference in Chicago, Obama announced the appointment of Peter Orszag as director of the Office of Budget of the White House. Orszag, 39, was until now the director of the Office of Management and Budget of the Congress and he was advisor to former president Bill Clinton.

The BBC said that many wonder why Obama seeks much “Clinton recycling”, and even a flesh and blood Clinton, after two years of campaigning against “the political culture of Washington” and after a fierce battle against Senator Hillary Clinton for the nomination of his party.

In reality, and according to information circulating in Washington, Obama did not elected Clinton (the husband of his rival in the presidential nomination), but he is doing what the liberal Zionist lobby that financed his campaign wants, the same people that created the “Obama phenomenon”.

Hillary Clinton was the original “presidential candidate” of the lobby, which only chose Obama when the senator began to fall in the polls. If Hillary won, Bill Clinton was going to take power.

Obama’s victory did not change the core strategy: Bill Clinton, the most successful president of the banking lobby of New York, will project his influence and put pressure at decisions on the new cabinet composed mainly of his former officials.

Bill Clinton was the architect of the “financial bubble”, piloted the expansion of business in the former “iron curtain”, and left him the way for Bush to begin an era of “war on terror” and wars for conquest of oil in the Middle East and Eurasia.

During the Clinton era was consolidated the “open markets” in the former Soviet space: The banks and capitalists corporations spread by the former socialist republics and seized their markets and their natural resources (including networks of oil and gas pipelines) dismembering the economic power of the Russian Federation.

The Clinton administration, in alliance with the EU and NATO, supplemented the strategy of “taking markets” with a policy of occupation of the former Soviet space through coup conspiracies that installed pro-Western governments in the former socialist republics. In addition, consolidated its geopolitical military strategy in the region after the bombing and dismemberment of the former Yugoslavia, and laid the groundwork for expansion in the Middle East since the preventive bombing in Iraq.

Everyone wonders – says the BBC network – what will be the role of Bill Clinton, who without any official position and with enough free time, has created headaches for Obama with his comments. He will also be the principal adviser of Hillary Clinton if she becomes secretary of state.

“The new Clinton administration for Obama,” “The Clinton era: Part Two,” “Re-launching the Clinton gang,” “Clinton + Obama = much drama,” are some of the headlines that are beginning to circulate in Washington .

In the blogosphere, a key source of support for Obama, commentators complain that if they wanted the return of “Clinton” to the White House they had voted for Hillary.

“Apparently, new faces have no opportunity to integrate the cabinet of Obama,” said the spokesman of the National Committee of the Republican Party, Alex Conant.

“The Cabinet of Barack Obama starts to resemble a gathering of “clintonians”, he added.

In an editorial, the conservative newspaper The New York Post also shuffled the irony: “Congratulations to Hillary (and Bill) Clinton, who appeared to have won the presidential elections, despite official results of Nov. 4.”

Recycling of the Zionist lobby

But while the American and European press, including Republicans, already talk with “irony” the influence of Bill Clinton in the government of Obama, saying omitted (for reasons of their belongings to the system) that the key cabinet positions will be occupied by the well known operators that the Zionist lobby that controls the Treasury, the Federal Reserve and strategic resources around the U.S. imperial power

The proof of the facts is stronger than the manipulation of the media to generate expectation of “change” in the imperial politics.

The reality shows that Obama finally ended up trapped by the logic of Zionist power: Joseph Biden, Vice President (control of the lobby on the White House), Rahm Emanuel, head of the Cabinet (control of the lobby over Obama’s environment), Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury (control of the lobby over the Federal Reserve System), and Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State (control of the lobby on foreign policy).

The maximum level of political decision, areas of presidential implementation and the president’s environment, the highest level of economic and financial decision, and the design and execution of foreign policy (the heart of the Empire) will be in the hands of operators of the Jewish Zionist lobby (in Liberal version) of the banking “Big Apple” of New York.

In short, the White House (political power), the Treasury (financial power), the Department of State (the imperial power) and the Pentagon (military power to remain in the hands of Robert Gates) will respond to the strategic interests of Jewish lobby that will govern the U.S. with Obama as the “strawberry on the cake.”

Another “heavyweight” in the lobby, the former head of the U.S. Federal Reserve Paul Volcker will provide leadership for the future administration of Barack Obama a new advisory council on economic affairs specially created to stabilize the financial markets in the middle of international crisis, as reported on Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal.

The newspaper consulted with Democrats sources and also pointed out that the economist at the University of Chicago and campaign adviser Austen Goolsbee, another relevant operator of the lobby, will become chief director of the commission.

In addition, the president-elect of the U.S., Barack Obama, confirmed Monday the secret that was circulating for days: Tim Geithner (the future Treasury secretary) and Larry Summers will lead the team that will face an economic crisis “proportions historic. ”

The name of Summers, 53 years old and former president of Harvard University, was also shuffled to replace Ben Bernanke when he completes his term at the Fed in January 2010. Unlike Geithner, Summers did not have to face the process of confirmation in the Senate before becoming official adviser to the president.

“The vice president, Joe Biden, and I have formed a team with vision and ability to stabilize our economy, create jobs and bring back America to the right track,” Obama said during his second appearance to the media in Chicago since the night of Nov. 4 election.

Obama also announced that Professor Christina Romer of Berkeley, another Zionist of the Democrat circle, will head the Council of Economic Advisers of the White House, while another operates the lobby, Melody Barnes, a former vice president of the liberal “think tank” Center for American Progress, will be the director of the Domestic Policy Council.

In addition, Warren Buffet and George Soros, emblematic gurus of the Jewish Zionist lobby occupy places of New York “star advisors” in the circle surrounding Obama.

An operator of Zionist media, the president of Time-Warner, Richard Parsons (defined as the contact for Obama with CNN), appears with relevant features in the team of strategists of the president.

Parsons, the chairman of Times-Warner Inc., Owner of the CNN television channel, is also director of Citigroup, one of the biggest beneficiaries of the financial rescue who will continue the administration of Obama.

But the “big triangle” of the financial lobby, which controls Obama is comprised of Timothy Geithner, Lawrence Summers and Robert Rubin, the strategist favorite of Bill Clinton.

The Treasury, the financial backbone of Zionism that (along with the Fed) controls the American Empire, will be occupied (not by chance) by Timothy Geithner, current chairman of the strategic Federal Reserve Bank of New York where the houses are central the 100 leading banks and financial institutions in the USA.

Obama has already decided to appoint Geithner, 47, as secretary of the Treasury, while Lawrence Summers, 53, will be the director of the National Economic Council at the White House, said on Saturday a member of his transition team.

Both were members of the government of Bill Clinton, and integrated, along with Robert Rubin, the strategic plan of “economic openness and” free market “that ended setting the reign of financial speculation on a global scale.

Both Geithner, as Rubin and Summers, represent the highest level of decision by the Zionist lobby with the central bank in New York, and his appointment at the side of Obama is the clearest sign that the lobby aims to focus on the financial sector now in crisis as center of its management.

Summers, who was secretary of the Treasury with Clinton, designd for Obama his strategy of “response to the financial crisis” during the campaign, and will play a prominent role in designing and coordinating economic policy advisers of his government.

Geithner, the current chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York where the giant octopus benefit from the Bush’s financial rescue plan for U.S. $ 700,000 million will be the successor of Paulson.

The U.S. Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department recently approved a second financial rescue plan for a total of U.S. $ 800,000 million for the purchase of mortgage assets and to revive markets for consumer credit that will be “inherited” by Obama .

The rescue plan, approved by the second administration of President George W. Bush after an initial package of U.S. $ 700,000 million, is divided into two items: $ 600,000 million to buy mortgage assets and another $ 200,000 million to support consumer credit.

In this scenario, Timothy Geithner, will be the continuator of the Bush’s plan for “crisis” to rescue the bankrupted companies and provided a way for a formidable financial business of private banks from the Federal Reserve System (led by the New York Reserve).

The presence of Geithner as the new secretary of the Treasury is the strongest proof of the continuity of the Bush’s financial rescue plan (and the macro-financial business that entails) for the management of Obama.

Geithner, as secretary of the Treasury, allows that, and with guarantee from the U.S., all private banks that are part of the Federal Reserve will continue to act in practice (and functional within the framework of the “super-rescue” undertaken by the Federal Government) as a supra-lending institution that will handle a billionaire fund oriented for business (also billionaires) with the corpses left by the financial collapse in the U.S..

But, as it highlights the U.S. press, Obama plans to further raise even more the amount for the “rescue” (or business).

According to The Wall Street Journal, U.S. congressmen of the Democratic Party are studying to give their backing to a billionaire plan for “economic stimulus” designed by Geithner and Summer with the government of Obama that will try to “get out of the recession” which is facing the US.

As it is already happening with the plan of Bush-Paulson, the “stimulus plan” of Obama focuses its operational hub in the normalization of the financial sector as a goal to restore the real economy in crisis.

The chairman of the House of Representatives of the United States, Nancy Pelosi, said that Obama’s economists team suggested the need for a plan worth “hundreds of billions” of dollars.

Of course, neither the press nor the conservative Republicans, show this “detail” (of the macro capitalist business with the crisis) when you criticize Obama for having converted his cabinet in the “return of Bill Clinton.”



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